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The 10 Best Android Security and Antivirus Apps


Best Android Security & Antivirus apps

In this digital world, security is the first priority for everyone. You get to hear so many reports and news every day of smartphones getting hacked, private photos and conversation getting leaked, personal data and card details getting stolen and what not. Fortunately, Android is an open platform where there is no dearth of Android security apps. But you need to be careful in choosing the best security apps you must have on your smartphone so that you can get complete protection without consuming too much resource and slowing down the performance. Here are 10 best security apps for Android you should consider installing on your smartphone to protect it from all potential security breach.

Best Android Security & Antivirus apps

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast is a complete package having multiple important and necessary features that will keep your smartphone safe and secure. It is the most trusted free antivirus Android app in the world. It keeps a strict watch on every app you have and alerts you when they compromise with your privacy.

You can get rid of unwanted ads while surfing, protect your phone from malware coming through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, prevent phishing attacks through emails and messages, block unwanted callers, lock apps to prevent their access by other persons, scan external devices and cards and even set up a firewall if your device is rooted. You can also keep your private photos in photo vault with a PIN code.  It has over 100 million installs and high ratings and good reviews.

Get it on Google Play: Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus


McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

McAfee is one of the pioneers in providing complete security. It keeps on receiving awards and accolades for the performance of its Android antivirus & android Security app. It is completely free though you can upgrade to its premium version to avail extra features. It provides Anti-theft, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection. It is highly useful in virus removal and data recovery, performance optimization, and app privacy. You can easily track your lost smartphone, lock your personal data, and remotely wipe your data and manage the security app through a web portal. Safe web surfing and Wi-Fi security have also been given priority.

Get it on Google Play: McAfee Mobile Security & Lock


Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

This is the award-winning best antivirus engine app. It has scored perfect 100% protection score in AV-TEST consecutively for 14 months in a row. It is a completely free app that provides malware protection from apps and the internet, loss and theft protection, web filtering by blocking illegal and malicious websites, app locking, privacy and security advice and spam protection. It also monitors battery and data usage to detect real time malicious attempts by different apps.

Get it on Google Play: Sophos Mobile Security


Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton 360
Norton 360
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free+

Norton security is considered to be the best app for on-demand and real time detection and protection. It scans apps and removes the ones that are malware attached to them. You can lock your smartphone remotely with an SMS. It lets you find the lost phone with a map, and you can trigger a scream sound if the phone is laying somewhere around you. You can control the app from their website, and Safe Search helps in secure surfing. The premium version has more features with a 30-day trial period, and then you have to buy it on annual basis.

Get it on Google Play: Norton Security and Antivirus


Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus: Der Browser mit Privatsphäre
Firefox Focus: Der Browser mit Privatsphäre
Developer: Mozilla
Price: To be announced

Having a secured browser is as important as having an antivirus on your smartphone. Firefox Focus is a privacy browser that always operates in incognito mode. Whatever you surf on the internet, nothing will get stored in the log, and no website can access your history, your cookies, or saved personal details and passwords. Furthermore, you can eliminate all trackers and advertisers. It is a must have app on your smartphone surfing, logging into different websites and doing monetary transactions.

Get it on Google Play: Firefox Focus



LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

In today’s world, every person has multiple accounts of multiple websites and social media platforms. It is always recommended to have different strong passwords for different accounts. In such a scenario, it is very different to remember the passwords of different accounts. That is exactly why you need a secure password manager, and nothing is better than LastPass. The passwords you save in it are available on all devices you have. It will generate strong passwords, autofill passwords in login forms, keep private notes, has fingerprint scanner option to access the stored information and everything is sorted under different headings for easy access.

Get it on Google Play:  LastPass


Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync
Resilio Sync
Developer: Resilio Inc.
Price: Free

Resilio Sync is a unique security app for Android users that lets you create a private cloud storage server where you can store all your important files, document, photos and images safely. This private cloud storage can be anywhere like your computer, your memory card, and any other storage unit. To access the files from any part of the world, you have to keep your storage device on and connected to the internet. You can sync files by connecting the devices easily. All the file transfers are done in encryption mode, and no information is stored. It is faster than any traditional cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

 Get it on Google Play: Resilio Sync


App Lock

Schützen (AppLock)
Schützen (AppLock)
Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

If you are not into internet surfing on your smartphone and use it primarily for offline activities and trusted the app, you may not install a complete mobile security app. Instead, you can install an app locker because you think some other people would check out your private conversation, files, images or videos. App Lock is a very lightweight app that locks the selected app with Pin code or pattern. It is important to protect your smartphone from kids and from colleagues who might check your smartphone in your absence. It has over 300 million users and is the number one app in over 50 countries.

 Get it on Google Play:  App Lock


Security Master

It is previously known as CM Security, a product from Clean Master app that most of the people use to clean junk. The app protects your smartphone and your privacy. It has intelligence diagnosis to detect phone status and suggest actions needed. It is a complete package of antivirus, junk clean and performance boosting. It shields all online activities through SafeConnect VPN that blocks all hacking activities and leaking of sensitive data. It hides message notifications when you are not accessing your smartphone so that no one else can read them.

 Get it on Google Play: Security Master


360 Security

This is a complete app that provides security for virus and malware, cleans junk, boosts speed, cools down CPU, provides real time protection and has Anti-theft and app locker. It also has the feature of fingerprint scan to unlock apps and it takes the selfie of the intruder who tries to access your smartphone.

 Get it on Google Play: 360 Security


Go ahead and choose the ones that you need to protect your device from all possible invasions. Have a smooth and secured user experience with your smartphone.

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