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10 Best Free & Fast Copy Paste Software for Windows


If you are using a computer, chances are you have had to copy files from one folder to another, or from one machine to the other. This is most often done via flash drives or external hard drives and is an integral part of our day to day work associated with copying files.

Top Copy Paste Softwares

While Windows has an inbuilt feature to do this, it may not be as efficient when it comes to copying bigger files. To help you with this, there are several third-party software in the market today that allows fast copy paste on your machine.

In this article, we will take you through a list of 10 free fast copy paste software for Windows.

The 10 Best Free & Fast Copy Paste Software for Windows

Copy Handler

Highly customizable and fast, this software program is an efficient add on for Windows when it comes to copying and moving files. It is faster than the inbuilt Windows copying and offers multi language support. One of its primary features is the integration with Windows Explorer. It supports queuing of operations in the order specified and also allows the user to set a custom buffer according to the copy type regardless of its location. With over 60 configuration options, this highly flexible tool is a neat utility to have.

Download Copy Handler here.


Ultra Copier

This freeware open source software serves as a replacement for file copying dialog boxes. It provides an integrated and collaborative environment in the sense that it brings users, developers, and designers among others on to a single platform. Consequently, it is highly compatible across several platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. It also provides several customization modes and advanced features like speed limitation, start/resume copy process to name a few.

Download Ultra Copier here.



This is one of the fastest and easy to use copying utilities available for Windows. It has different modes of copying when it comes to the Source and Destination Directory being in the same or a different HDD or SSD.

While the software processes reading and writing in parallel for separate HDDs, when it comes to the same HDD, it processes reading until the big buffer fills. Following this, it starts writing and processing in bulk.The user also has access to the source code, thus allowing him to modify the software.

Download FastCopy here.



As the name suggests, this utility’s main goal is to improve the copy organization and the GUI. Its features include being able to pause and resume tasks, verifying data, resuming tasks after system shutdown among others. It is a very clean and stable piece of software and does what it needs to do.

Download NiceCopier here.



This is a very suave graphical copy manager application that allows queuing several transfers, allowing the user to resume a copy at the exact time that it failed as well as limiting the copying speed. In addition, it can also keep track of failed transfers and can follow or ignore symbolic links. It is fully compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Download MiniCopier here.



XXCOPY does not have a GUI but works through a command-line prompt. Nonetheless, it is a highly versatile file management tool and supports all Windows versions save CE. With over 230 command switches, it can access networked computer storage and local external USB drives alike. With functions such as Copy, List, Gather, Delete, Move, Flatten-Dir and more, it is extremely advanced in its file selection process. However, you cannot pause and resume the copy process and it is also unable to recover data from disks with errors.

Download XXCOPY here.


Unstoppable Copier

This utility by Roadkil stands very true to its name as it is not limited to disks that are devoid any damage. Unstoppable Copier recovers and copies files that have issues with bad sectors, scratches etc. When the source is damaged, it attempts to recover any minute piece of detail that is readable and subsequently puts them together. Its batch mode function allows it to be used as a daily backup system. It also supports command-line parameters, thus allowing it to be fully integrated into daily server tasks.

Download Unstoppable Copier here.



This free utility from Microsoft is the answer to all your file copying needs. It is a multi thread copying tool that drastically cuts down on the time required to finish the operation several times over. It allows the user to pause and resume file copy operations regardless of network issues. It also has a plethora of customization options from filtering files to adjusting cache size among many others.

Download RichCopy here.



This application by Code Sector has been the winner of Lifehacker’s Hive Five for best alternatives to the default Windows copy handler. TeraCopy boasts several features such as recovering in case of a copy error and allowing the user to fix any problems detected by re-copying only the problematic files. It is inherently fast, completely integrates with Shell and can verify files after they have been copied to ensure that they are identical. With a host of other features, this utility is one of the best file copying applications.

Download TeraCopy here.


ExtremeCopy Standard Edition

This utility by Easersoft is an extension of the Windows file copy tool. It is simple to use as it is quite similar to the default Windows Explorer file copier. It is extremely fast and claims to increase speeds from 20% to 120% than the Windows default copier. As all other copy tools, it provides complete integration with Windows. Some of its features include copying to multiple destinations in one task, recording failed file for recovery after the copy has finished and customization of copy task.

Download ExtremeCopy Standard Edition here.


Closing thoughts

We hope that the information provided above will help you have a smooth, fast and seamless copying experience. After all, nobody likes slow transfer.  


  1. Karan Gupta says

    wow its a cool stuff..Can you also let me know any free app to take snapshots and modify them

    1. Apthagowda says

      Hello there Karan. Thanks for adding your comment here. For Image Capture & quick edits, You can use Free versions of Screen presso OR Apowersoft Screen recorder pro. Both are good for simple editing & capturing. However, for the full function, you need to buy pro versions of the software.

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