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10 Best Online Logo Maker Websites


Most online Logo maker websites offer services for FREE, except for a few exceptions. Paid Logo-making service will be needed when you want something very specific – which you CANNOT create on your own in any of the free Logo-making services. Before I give you a list of 10 best online Logo-making websites, here are a few tips:

  1. Logo is a symbol to help the public to recognize your company/start-up; therefore, keep the Logo visually simple
  2. Try including a simple symbol that reflects the core activity of your business
  3. Avoid using complicated font-style which may not be available in the future…15 years down the line
  4. Make sure your logo is recognizable even in a small size
  5. You can customise your Logo (paid service) after self-creating it in some of the Logo-making sites below.
  6. For the Logo use either Text-only or Text with image (see the 2 examples below)

Best Online Logo Maker Websites


1 – Free Logo creator: Shopify

This is a very popular site to create free Logo for your blog, website or even your offline business. The moment you open Shopify you are ready to start designing your Logo on the blank screen. It is 100% intuitive and hardly needs any explanations. Play around with the tools to get the Logo of your choice, for your business. The Logos you create here are kind of 2-D and cartoonish.

The site will send the Logo to your email Inbox &even after that you can continue to edit your Logo.

Logo-making tools:

  • Endless list of black-&-white icons
  • Icon size, frame, and color
  • Font color and font type only


  • Icons are very general ones and are not categorized at all (possibly many of these general icons are already used by your rivals or any other companies)
  • The Font list is very limited and does not include any common Windows fonts we all are used to (the problem with using a rare font is that you don’t have access to the font-file; therefore, you cannot modify your Logo later on using the same font)
  • Offers no “effects” for fonts and icons


2 – Online Logo maker: Logo Garden (FREE & PAID)


As in the case of Shopify, when you open the site an intuitive interface welcomes you to start designing your Logo.Logos are 2D &cartoonish. But, Logo Garden offers things which Shopify doesn’t.

Logo-making tools:

  • Icons are categorized which will help you to zoom in on the right icon of your choice
  • Full text control including text-effects & symbol-effects
  • More exotic fonts to choose

Through prompts, the site will take you through the steps on How to Create Free logo. For customized Logo, you must go for the Paid Logo-designing service ($ 39.99).


  • Very few text-effects & symbol-effects
  • You cannot use Undo/Redo shortcut keys (you’ve to use the Undo/Redo icons)


3– FreeLogocreator: LogoMaker


This is also equally easy to use. Logos are 2D & cartoonish. It allows you to download your Logo in a PNG file.

Logo-making tools:

  • Black & white icons
  • Text formatting
  • Font colour, type, and size
  • Shapes


  • Limited no. of Fonts, Symbols, and Shapes
  • Except for the “rotation”, no other “effects” are on offer


4 – Online Logo maker: Designhill (FREE & PAID)


For FREE users there are more than enough Icons, Frames, and Fonts on offer. You can even launch a Logo design contest. Many Logo designers will design Logos in keeping with your concept and then you can buy one of your choices at a competitive rate.

For PAID users, there are 5 purchase packages starting with Starters ($99). In fact, you will have full copyright and ownership of your Logos for any of these packages.

Logo-making tools:

  • Categorised coloured icons
  • Coloured frames
  • Long list of fonts to choose from
  • Text formatting and effects
  • Icon effects


  • Very few “effects”, for text and icons


5 – Online Logo maker: GraphicSprings (PAID)


This offers a mind-boggling variety of Fonts, Shapes & colored Images to design your graphic! You will get high-resolution PNG files for the Logos you create.

Why choose GraphicSprings?

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Several purchase packages (Basic – $19.99, Standard-$39.99, Pro-$99.99 & Platinum-$199.99)
  • Edit your Logo any time after the purchase (without any extra payment)
  • Data is SSL secure and none of its data is shared

Logo-making tools:

  • Categorised colored images
  • Black & white Shapes
  • Text formatting and effects


  • The “effects” are very limited


6– Online Logo maker: SquareSpace (PAID)


When you’ve finished designing your Logo, it says – “Free for Squarespace customers. Otherwise, buy for $10.”The site will give a high-resolution PNG file of your Logo.

Smart thing is that the graphic you are designing will be reflected LIVE on the images of a Business Card, Monitor, and T-shirt. That’s a great way seeing how your Logo really looks like. Isn’t?

Logo-making tools:

  • Innumerable symbols (there are no categories but you can type any category in the Search box and get your list of symbols)
  • Font family and colour
  • Symbol colour


  • No “effects” at all
  • No Shapes/Frames
  • No Lines


7– FreeLogocreator: LogoFoundry


This is basically a mobile app using which you can create a Logo from your Android or Apple smartphone.

Logo-making tools:

  • 1000s of categorized icons and symbols to choose from
  • Advanced text-formatting
  • Advanced text-effects (wavy, circular)
  • Layer-based Logo designing (so that you can work on a layer and its content while hiding the other layers)


8– FreeLogocreator: Free Logo


1st step: Type your brand name

2nd step: Select the Logo/business category

3rd step: Create your Logo

You will then see 100s of Logos automatically created based on your Brand name and Business category. Select the one you like, for modifications of the text and Logo. It is that simple!

Logo-making tools:

  • Text formatting
  • Font selections
  • Colour modifications of text and symbol
  • Rotation of text and Logo


  • No “effects” for text and Logo except for Rotation


9 – FreeLogocreator: Canva


This is NOT a specialized Logo creator! But it can also be used to create a Logo for your business/start-up. In fact, using Canva you can also create Presentations, Posters, Letterheads, Book Covers, Marketing material and much more. And the tool selections on offer are truly mind-boggling, based on the Logo category you’ve chosen!

Logo-making tools:

  • Endless layouts (templates containing text and images)
  • Endless Elements (Free Photos, Shapes, Grids, Frames, Lines, Illustrations, Icons, Charts & Canva Specials)
  • Endless text design templates
  • Endless backgrounds
  • Or you can even upload your own images

You can download your Logo in the following formats: PNG (recommended), JPG & PDF.


9 – Online Logogenerator: Logaster(FREE& PAID)


This is similar to the 3-step process of Free Logo with 100s of Logos automatically being created based on your Brand name and Business category (as described above). You’ve to create an account and save your work, which you can edit as many times as you want. Paid Logo-making service starts at $9.99.

Logo-making tools:

  • Text formatting
  • Font selections
  • Substituting the default Logo with a new one (this is not there in Free Logo)
  • Colour modifications of text and symbol
  • Background colour


  • No “effects” for text and Logo(not even Rotation)


10 – Online Logo generator: 99designs(PAID)

This service is a highly professional one – and the site is one of the few bigger players in Logo designing – which will ask you the right questions about your brand and company, as well as, allows you to upload sketches and give descriptions of what exactly you want so that they can read your mind better – and give you the exact Logo that you wanted.

You will actually NOT be doing the actual designing of your Logo (like in free Logo-making sites); although you will be selecting your colour, brand style, layout style.

Its basic Logo design rate starts with $ 299.

99designs also gives you the following benefits:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • For a fixed amount you can go for any no. of revisions (as opposed to hiring someone on an hourly basis – which can be costly)
  • You will get an estimated no. of submissions based on the purchase package you’ve chosen
  • You can also start a private contest (ensuring that your Logo concept remains hidden from your rivals) for your Logo attracting many designers and then you pay for the best one
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