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10 useful Tech Gadgets for students


Student life is the perfect time to experiment with different gadgets. Most of the time students waste their money buying expensive smartphones and other mainstream gadgets. Instead, you can buy some of the amazingly useful tech gadgets others do not generally use. Using these tech gadgets will make you the coolest guy in the room. Here are the top 10 useful tech gadgets for students to try out.

The 10 Useful Tech Gadgets for students


It is a special kind of smart pen which allows you to write anything at any place as thoughts come to your mind and whatever you write, it will automatically get recorded on your smartphones as notes. You can write on table, wall, your dress as well(no ink in the smart pen) and it will be written on your smartphone.


Evernote Moleskine Smart Note

Using this smart note, you can take your notes with pen and paper, but the fascinating part is that you can convert them into digital note just by taking a photo. With Evernote app, You can later edit the digital note, organize into categories, highlight certain portion and search anything as per your requirement. It is definitely a must-have thing for every student.


Amazon Kindle

In today’s world, e-books are equally popular as hard copy books. Therefore, it is better to have a dedicated device to read e-books anytime, anywhere without hurting your eyes. If you do not have a tablet, a Kindle would be perfect for you.


Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are a must for students especially because you have to go through various video tutorials. Having a noise-cancellation Bluetooth headphone from Sony, Sennheiser or JBL can separate you from the rest of the world, and you will be able to focus on the wording easily irrespective of how crowded your surrounding is.


Muzo – The Silent Zone

If you are studying or working on your laptop, the surrounding noise can distract you. You can simply place Muzo device in the wall, and its anti-vibration technology will kill every noise that is generated around it. This is one of the biggest inventions of the century and a boon for students.


Device Charging Backpack

Why carry a bag that only carries things? As a student, you need to use your gadget a lot, and most of the time, you won’t be having time to charge your device be it a laptop, smartphone or tab. With device charging backpack, you can place your devices into different compartments and connect your devices with power bank resting in a pocket. Your devices will charge up while you are traveling. This is the coolest bag you can ever buy.



This is a breakthrough technology device that can charge any device wirelessly. You do not need a power bank anymore, and if you place it in the bag mentioned above, it will charge all your devices efficiently. Even you can keep it under your desk, and your devices will keep charging.


Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo is a virtual assistant, and it is a perfect tool to have in a student’s room through which he/she can control every digital thing in his/her life whenever one wishes to. It is time-saving and extremely useful. You can make calls, control smart devices, listen to songs, send and receive messages, get news and information on any topic, and what not with your voice commands.


Titan Note

It is a sound recording device and transfers everything into text format. So, the next time to attend a lecture, you do not have to take any note and yet have all the notes better than others. You can summarize later on and edit accordingly.


Fitness Bands

Last but certainly not the least, a fitness band is what a student requires so that he/she can keep a track on his/her health. Students neglect their health in student life, but with fitness band, you can keep track of sleeping hours, calories burnt, heartbeat rate, exercise, and various such important parameters. Fitness band from Fitbit, Honor, Xiaomi are the best.


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