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The 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger App


Messaging applications have now become one of the words of mouth. People of all generations favor them as it helps them connect with the whole world at the tap of a finger. And out of hundreds of these apps, WhatsApp messenger is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used one. The Facebook-owned company has been bringing new updates now and then to ensure that it stays at top of the charts.

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However, its popularity has been going down nowadays. People are now feeling bloated as almost everyone has started using WhatsApp these days. In addition to that, WhatsApp also started sharing its user data with Facebook, which wasn’t taken well by its users.
So today we have a list of 5 alternatives which can give tough competition to WhatsApp in productivity, efficiency, and privacy.

The 5 Best Alternatives to WhatsApp Messenger App


1. Telegram Messenger

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Telegram is one the biggest competitors of WhatsApp. Along with the usual features that WhatsApp provides, Telegram supports features like public channels, passcode lock, ‘super groups’ of up to 5,000 people, self-destructing messages, the ability to share files of up to1.5 GB, and end-to-end encryption in secret chat.
While Telegram lacks video or voice calling features, it makes up for them with other unique features. It is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and The Web.


2. Google Allo

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Allo is a rather new application from Google and while it hasn’t really made any remarkable impact, it’s still a viable alternative to WhatsApp. The best feature in Allo is none other than the splendid Google Assistant. The integration of Google Assistant in chat form completely changes the user experience. Users can use it to get information freehand on news, weather, flights, navigation, etc.
Other than the Google Assistant, Allo also provides features like stickers, self-destructing messages, end-to-end encryption, incognito chats, and smart replies.



Another popular WhatsApp alternative is LINE messenger. It is a cross-platform messaging app packed with tons of features. Like WhatsApp, LINE also supports voice and video calls, end-to-end encryption, timeline, and status updates. However, it also brings some quite unique features such as LINE Out, which lets you make international calls to even non-LINE users.
Other useful features of LINE include passcode lock, themes, filter messages, and LINE Pay.


4. WeChat

WeChat is another great messaging app. With more than 300 million users all over the world, it has attracted many users since Facebook introduced WhatsApp. The main advantage of WeChat over WhatsApp is its UX and UI. It is one of the most user-friendly messaging apps in the market and also supports crystal clear calls even with slow internet connection.
WeChat is cross-platform and supports multiple languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Malay, Portuguese, Chinese, and Hindi.


5. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is the messaging app of Open Source Systems, the organization that powers end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. As one would expect, Signal Private provides the maximum number of security benefits when compared to any other messaging app. Unlike WhatsApp, it offers ‘screen security’, which prevents anyone from taking screenshots, along with an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol.
Overall, Signal Private is for those people who want a simple, but secure messaging app.



No doubt that Whatsapp is the top messaging app in the world. The growth of WhatsApp in recent years is no match to any other Instant Messaging Apps. WhatsApp has millions of users around the World. As we all know, it is difficult to overcome WhatsApp. But still, there are many Instant Messaging apps are available which much more amazing features than WhatsApp.

So what you think about the Whatsapp alternatives list. Let me know in the comments below.

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