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5 Best Android lock Screen Apps for 2019


Everyone loves their privacy, don’t they? But you feel disgusted when your privacy is disturbed. Well, sometimes you can’t utter a word when your smartphone is being exposed by your parents, siblings, friend, and even love of your life. But, no griefs to be shared because today, we will mention few of the best android lock screen application that will help you attain both privacy and security of your smartphone.

Play store has many Pattern Lock Apps which suits your need of basic lock screen. But only a few Android Lock Screen Apps will give you perfect Screen Lock security. As already mentioned, play store has many pattern lock apps, from which we have picked few of the best lock screen application, to help you protect your privacy, prevent others invade your phone illegally.

Best Android Pattern Lock Screen Apps


1) CM Locker

CM Locker is one the Best Android applications for lock screen and app lock. It protects your confidential data and helps you attain privacy. It has also got Anti-Theft Protection which helps you to retrieve your lost phone.


a) Its lock screen secures your phone from intruders by enabling PIN, pattern, and fingerprint lock.
b) App Lock protects apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also secures your photos, videos, messages, and contacts.
c) When an intruder tries to open your phone, it takes a photo of an intruder, sending it to your email.
d) customize your settings with cool wallpaper and themes.


2) Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock Screen is one of the innovative android locks-screens application. All it takes a gesture to lock your smartphone. You can draw something like a number, or just write a letter, or even write your own name, that’s all it takes to lock your phone.


a) It takes a snapshot of an intruder who recently tried to unlock your smartphone.
b) Fingerprint unlock is also available for all the smartphones using android marshmallow.
c) Customization of the entire application is also possible by adding new themes and wallpapers.
d) Security provided to all the resources of Android supported smartphone.


3) Fireflies Lock Screen

Fireflies Lock Screen is a beautiful lock screen displaying a live fireflies wallpaper on the screen. It contains a vivid HD wallpaper letting you enjoy different wonders of the insect.


a) It contains flashing signals animation of fireflies and animation of a fluttering butterfly.
b) It also supports pattern lock for your screen.
c) It supports unlock animation and music control.
d) Customization can be done at a very high level.


4) Keypad lock screen

Keypad lock screen is simplest of all lock screen an Android user will ever come across Consume less memory and battery & has the simple and clean design. It is easy to use and attractive & has water droplet lock screen which looks very attractive. You can also choose Multiple wallpapers,  and also you can choose your own wallpaper from gallery too.


a) A lovely water droplet lock screen to attract.
b) A simple set password interface.
c) It shows the state of the battery, WiFi, and mobile network.
d) High security offered
e) Customizable background.


5) Pattern Lock Screen

Pattern Lock Screen is another popular but yet a simple android lock screen application. It has over a million users on the Google play store. If you are looking for simple lock screen app which consumes less memory, gives high security & can be customized easily, then you must try Pattern Lock Screen.


a) It provides a secure pattern and keypad lock screen.
b) It has a cool slide to unlock.
c) It also facilitates live wallpaper.
d) Less memory and battery storage.



These are some of the best lock screens pick from Google play store. Few of these Android applications may be far better and different from one another but they all serve a common goal which happens to be security. Missed your favorite lock screen app in the list, then let us know in the comments.

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