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5 Best Task Manager apps for Android


Android is a very efficient operating system but it has some major drawbacks which do frustrate the average user on a daily basis. With an Android Smartphone, it is a common feature to have many apps running in the background without the user’s knowledge, which they drain away the phone’ battery and other system resources. A Task manager App is therefore essential as it prevents other apps from running in the background and improving the performance of the device.

5 Best Task Manager Apps for Android


ES Task Manager

ES Task Manager shows an extra ordinary performance as a super task manager. It is most often used in conjunction with the ES File Explorer app. Fortunately, the app is free to install and has a number of enviable features. ES Task Manager identifies apps that are running in the background and exhausting system resources including battery life and phone memory storage. ES Task Manager is resourceful in terminating unwanted apps with a single and effective tap. As an advanced task killer, it will to white list apps that you do not automatically want to kill.

SystemPanelLite Task Manager

SystemPanelLite Task Manager has an enjoyable user interface with a dominant sci-fi inspired theme. This task manager will target and eliminate any resource draining apps running in the background. Furthermore, it offers detailed reports on the performance of the device with data, charts, graphics, and statistics. SystemPanelLite Task Manager App is made available in both free and paid download versions. 



Greenify brings an innovation in task management. Greenify empowers you to hibernate any app that you do not require at the moment with a single tap. The advantage of this method is that you do not uninstall apps rather you keep them in the device without running in the background. Greenify sets a superlative example when it comes to uplifting the device’s performance speed. Whenever you need to go back to your hibernating apps you just want to tap on them, and they will open and resume normal function. But the great benefit is that as soon as you close the app, they will go right back to hibernation. Greenify is free to install.


GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Cleaner & Task Manager is an all comprehensive app with a well-organized and smooth running user interface. Besides disposing of background apps, this task manager will clear your browsing history, delete cache, and remove unwanted folders left by uninstalled apps. GO Cleaner & Task Manager is free to install.


Zapper Task Killer & Manager

Zapper Task Killer & Manager is free Application to install. Use Zapper Task Killer & manager to zap unwanted apps running in the background on your Android smartphone. This task manager has a beautiful user interface and is also replete with features such as real-time charts, percentage rings for CPU and memory usage, and more. Use this app to speed up your Android device.


Thus it becomes clear that if you want your Android phone to perform better you must download one of the task manager apps from our list. A built-in task manager is made available in the latest version of Android, however, it is very basic and does not have the other advanced features offered by these apps. Zapper Task Killer & Manager is free to install.

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