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The 5 Unknown Effects of Social Media on Your SEO!


 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it has been observed that Social Media has adverse effects on SEO. Link sharing, User Interaction Signals, Google Plus, profile ranking etc. are few social media tactics that can improve SEO. Social Media and SEO have a direct link with each other.

Link Sharing

Using social media, it is possible to draw attention to a person’s content. When written posts, links, and other multimedia are shared it increases the visibility of the content. Collaborating with other content creators and social influencers can help improve SEO dramatically. It is a known fact that Google uses social signals to get links to a website.

User Interaction Signals

User Interaction Signals refer to the popularity of a page indicated by a user’s interaction with a page. When randomly searching for an item in Google, the page in which a user stays for the longest and interacts with the most is automatically noticed by Google. Google conducts this analysis and uses the results to produce higher quality search experience with more accuracy. Through social media, the more a page is promoted or liked, the more popular it gets and Google will be forced to promote the site more in its search results.

Significance of Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s very own social media platform. Hence, Google favors it a little more than other websites. It is important to write bold titles on top of Google Plus posts. Google is known to analyze Google Plus activity and configure the search results based on observations made. Search engines like Yahoo and Bing, do not use Google plus as much, but Google uses it significantly.

Profile Ranking

Suppose a business has very good social media interaction. It’s Instagram page, Facebook page and other social media sites gather a lot of likes and comments. This business has already caught the eye of the public. A high ranking social media profile will pop up in Google search results when the business name is typed in the search box. It will most likely appear on the first page. Clearly, SEO is affected in a highly positive manner in this case. Social media profile ranking can be improved by uploading high-quality posts/content on a daily basis with lots of interaction with viewers of the social media pages.

Other Search Engines

When dealing with SEO it is easy to forget the other search engines available apart from Google. But this is a fact that should not be forgotten or ignored. The search engine market share for Google is only three quarters.


Today, social media provides talented professionals the opportunity to promote their business and increase the visibility of their business easily. This is a great tool, that must be taken advantage of. The whole world is online right now, and that’s where a business should be too.


Author Bio :

Sejal Parmar, is an enthusiastic blogger who has a passion and interest in SEO. She covers topics on SMM, SEO, social media, digital marketing, blogging and much more at Web Ratna!


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