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Android V/S Windows Smartphone: Which OS is the best?


It is a long-running debate among smartphone manufacturers and users, but one should come out on top. Many of us caught in a similar situation while planning to buy a new smartphone. Today we will try to figure out which a smartphone comes on top on the basis of various aspects.

User Interface

User Interface is the very important aspect of any smartphone. User likes simple and attractive user interface design in his smartphone, one which is very easy to understand and use.

Android: Android smartphone often comes with the stock Android user interface or design customized by particular smartphone brand. Android smartphones UI is generally very easy to use without compromising its appearance.

Windows: Windows Phone user interface is very good and stylish but navigation is quite difficult for first time user. Smartphone user finds it difficult to locate some basic apps. So in terms of end user experience, Android smartphones are ahead of Windows smartphones.


There is not much difference between core features of Android and Windows smartphones but there is little design differences in app drawer and notification bar.

Both operating systems have their own voice assistants to use your smartphones without touching it. Android smartphones have Google Assistant formerly known as Google Now which lets you call any of your phone contacts, check the weather in updates, etc by just talking to your smartphone.

In the case of Windows Phone, there is Cortana with natural responses and the human voice. Cortana has the same features as Google Assistant but it not good as androids voice assistant.


Applications are the major difference between android and windows smartphones.

Android: Android is an open-source operating system, so Google accepts applications from the open community of app developers. This is the reason why Play Store has thousands of apps in all categories.

Windows: Microsoft only accepts applications from its partner organizations, this is the major problem for Windows phones. There aren’t enough apps on Microsoft App Store to compete with Android Play Store.

Software Update

The software update is another major difference between Android and Windows smartphones.

Android: Google provides the timely software update to all the Android smartphones. Various smartphone brands also provide software updates according to their customization of Android OS.

Android recently started rolling out monthly security patches for all the Android powered smartphones across all the manufacturer brands.

Windows: Microsoft also provides software updates to its Windows phone but not more often as Google. There are also known security issues in Windows phones which are hardly addressed.



Android smartphones are arguably better as compared to Windows phones thanks to open source nature of Android which can be customized by anyone. Windows phones made some major improvements in recent times but it still lacks the simplicity of Android smartphones.

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