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Beautifully Designed Dashboard Examples to Follow


The dashboards are becoming crucial while the digital era showers us with a growing number of data. The dashboards available organize data and present in an interactive form.

The dashboard is a user interface that, slightly resembling a vehicle’s dashboard organizes and presents information. However, some type of computer dashboard is far more likely to be interactive compared to a car dashboard (unless it is likewise computer-based). To a certain extent, most graphical user interfaces (GUIs) resemble a dashboard.


Beautifully Designed Dashboard Examples to Follow


The dashboards that are best make it possible to track the advancement of data and represent every single change that has happened, as little as it could be.

A well-designed dashboard may save vast sums of time, helping people to identify the amounts that to compile reports matter, to create observations.


# Admin Dashboard (Responsive)

Admin dashboards help you to create a user interface of the back-end where you can view and manage the info, understand the tendencies, keep an eye on the statistics of your website, which is essential in virtually any organization.

At the same time, an excellent admin dashboard would also allow customizing the consumer end UI as well as maintaining them, add new components and functionalities to the site, edit the current ones, including specific contents, etc.,

The above admin dashboard template is built on top of the latest Bootstrap version with a clean version with a straightforward, professional, and modern design ideal for the dashboard, analytics, and application projects.

View Responsive Admin Dashboard


# Finance Performance Dashboard

This dash shows KPIs like present revenue, ratio, and short-term assets. It is critical to offer an effortless method for executives to find a more granular view of the business.

This dashboard template uses all of those and is more responsive Bootstrap components in design and re-styles most commonly used plugins to produce a design which can be utilized as a single interface to get software that is back end.

View Finance Performance Dashboard


# Sales Dashboard (Responsive)

Sales dashboards translate data into readily digestible pieces of information, providing you. Sales dashboards are a subset of industry intelligence dashboards that deal specifically with data points and sales-specific metrics.

This revenue dashboard template is suitable for all sorts of business, sales, and e-commerce website. It’s responsive, dependent on a mobile-first approach.

View Sales Dashboard


# Web Analytics Dashboard with Material Design

A nicely designed, simple, and uncomplicated web analytics makes website management a simple task. Responsiveness can also be the desired quality in an admin template you can take things on the move.

This is an admin template based on substance design, assembled using Angular 8, Angular 7 along with also Angular-CLI. It’s developed with an approach to deliver the developers and development experience that was hassle-free.

View Web Analytics Dashboard 


# Healthcare Analytics Dashboard

A healthcare dashboard is a modern analytics tool to monitor health KPIs dynamically and interactively. A typical example is that a hospital KPI dashboard that enables healthcare professionals to get crucial patient data in real time to improve the total hospital operation and patient satisfaction.

Dashboards and measures have become commonplace in hospitals because track and health systems want to measure performance. In improvement work, healthcare dashboards are indispensable, particularly for medical systems.

This template is a wonderful option for creating a multi-purpose admin area along with a medical dashboard. Ideal for Hospital, Doctor’s, Perinatal Centers, Private Hospital, Medical Laboratory, Analytics, Task Manager, and Scheduler.

View Healthcare Analytics Dashboard 



Dashboard design is a tricky business. While allowing users to drill down into the specifics, the challenge is to convey with the numbers straightforwardly. It’s about avoiding the mess, about leasing on the prioritization of the metrics, and to personalization.

If you are looking for some real-life business intelligence dashboard examples? Checkout, the dashboards that Intellicus have created for their business intelligence platform. It is designed to help you understand the KPIs, better navigate the modules, and make the very best business decisions.

Dashboards draw speed, but they also bring versatility; view the info precisely the manner which suits you best or the way that’s ideal for a better understanding and interpretation of data for your organization.

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