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Best 5 Tools To Embed Twitter Feeds On The Website


Is Twitter marketing an essential part of your social media marketing strategy? 

If not, then it’s high time to re-think your decision. Twitter has a lot to offer to businesses aspiring to grow themselves on the platform.

From embedded tweets to Twitter Lists, from Hashtags to Social Media Influencers, the platform holds immense potential to incur user engagement for your brand to grow its overall influence on customers.

Seeing the Twitter marketing trend, the market is flooded with multiple social media tools which can aid you in your Twitter marketing strategy. 

This particular blog will guide you through an array of the most popular Twitter embedding tools. 

Let’s get started!

Twitter Embedding Tools For Marketers

Embed Twitter feeds on your website to showcase user-generated Twitter content for your brand and present it as a constant reminder of your authenticity and credibility as a brand, thereby, social proof being displayed.

Come, let’s learn about the most popular Twitter Embedding Softwares that are available in the market.



Taggbox is an astounding social media aggregator and embedding tool. As one of its amazing functionalities, it allows you to create beautiful and interactive Twitter Walls which displays real-time user-generated Twitter feeds that are aggregated through the hashtags, keywords, handles, or list that you provide the software with. 

Once you’re done with aggregation, you can choose to either display the Twitter Wall on a digital screen for events or embed it on your website where you could display a constant social proof to your website visitors by displaying user experience through the embedded user-generated Twitter feeds.

It comes with amazing features like customization to design your embedded Twitter feeds, Moderation feature to filter out the best from the aggregated content, and Analytics feature to get deeper insights into user behaviour with your aggregated content.


Twitter Widgets

Twitter Widgets are offered by Twitter itself to its users who wish to embed Twitter timeline or individual Twitter posts onto their website as part of its content.

5 options of embedding Twitter timelines are available- 

  • Profile– you can embed public tweets from any user’s profile
  • Likes– you can embed all posts liked by a particular user
  • Lists– you can embed posts from specific public lists or the ones you are subscribed to
  • Collection– you can embed posts from a curated collection of tweets
  • Moment– you can embed Twitter posts from public moments.



EverWall is an embedding tool that allows you to mix & match and embed social media posts from Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc. as per your choice. You could also choose to specifically embed just Twitter posts if you want. All you need to do is copy the embed code from the platform and paste it in the back end of your website where you want to embed the Twitter feeds. 

It is easy-to-use, flexible, and user-friendly. It comes with features like moderation, real-time embed, customization, etc. It’s a bit costly( $99 per month) but its features justify its pricing.



Hootfeed is a branch of Hootsuite that deals only in embedding Twitter feed on your website or displaying them on digital screens as Twitter Walls.

It is easy-to-customize, helps you animate and display live Twitter activity on websites through embedded Twitter 

feeds. By displaying live Twitter feeds on your website, you can engage the website visitors landing on your webpage. It helps to enhance the overall website content’s relevancy thereby increasing your overall organic reach.



TweetBeam is yet another Twitter embedding social media tool that allows you to improve the overall performance of your website by embedding real-time, visually appealing and engaging Twitter feeds on it.

It works resiliently even in cases of poor internet connection thereby smoothly loading your embedded Twitter Wall.  It comes with features like moderation, analytics, responsiveness, customizability, no dependency on Flash or other plugins, works fine with any modern browser, and so many more. 



So, these were some of the most used and popular Twitter embedding tools that come with incredible features to aid your overall Twitter marketing strategy.

Hope you find this blog helpful. Also, don’t forget to share with us which Twitter embedding tool you ended up using!

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