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Best Adnetworks for Instant Approval of New Websites & Blogs for small publishers


When choosing Ad-networks to monetize new websites, every publishers need to fulfill many requirements before getting approval from Ad-networks. Many websites & blogs will fail to get Approval for many reasons.

But, Some of the Ad-networks immediately accept the websites. Members can implement the ad code on their sites to start showing the Ads immediately. While, some Ad networks require 24-48Hrs to review the New Application. So here is a list of CPC, CPM, CPA, POPUP Ad-networks to get fast approval for small publishers.



If you are looking for Best & Quick approval Ad network, then RevenueHits is the best option for all type of blogs and websites. RevenueHits is also one of the best alternative to googleAdsense. RevenueHits Offers verygood CPA/CPM rates for worldwide traffic. 

There is No traffic requirement & No approval procedure for new publishers. Just register at revenue hits and place the ad code on your website. Ads will start to show immediately once you place the Ad-code Properly. RevenueHits offers various ad formats such as, Display & Rich Media, Pop Ups/Unders, XML Feeds & also Custom Ad-formats with 100% fill rates for global traffic.

Approval Process – Immediate 
CPM/CPA – Good 
Min. Payment – $20
Payout Threshold – Monthly
Payment Mode – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire


Chitika is a Cost Per Click (CPC) Ad-network & a very good alternative Ad-network to google Adsense. Even-though we cant compare adsense with other ad-networks. Because Adsense is totally different in terms of their Click rates. But if you are a new blogger & looking to monetize your blog with fast approval Ad-network then Chitika is the best solution. Because there is no approval process for new blogs & websites (Just check the terms & conditions before applying). New users just need to signup for chitika & setup your account with proper details. Once the setup is complete, just copy & paste the Ad-code to your website Or Blog. The Ads will show immediately once you placed the Ad-code & get paid for every valid clicks.  Click rates of Chitika is average.

 Approval Process – Immediate 
 CPC – Average
 Min. Payment – $10
 Payout Threshold – Monthly
 Payment Mode – PayPal


Bidvertiser is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network. Publishers will get paid for every valid clicks on an Ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. Bidvertiser ad network is one of the best CPC ad network for publishers with low traffic. New publishers just need to signup using the proper details & select the desired Ad format & copy-paste the Ad-code to your site. Earn revenue for every valid clicks. (Adult sites are not accepted)

Publishers will get lot of Ad formats like, Banner Ads (Text Ads), Popup ads, Pop-under Ads to monetize their website to earn high revenue. Bidvertiser Ad-network offers very low minimum payout of 10$ only. There is no traffic requirement to join this ad network.
Approval Process – Immediate 
CPC – Average
Min. Payment – $10
Payout Threshold – Monthly
Payment Mode – PayPal, Check, Wire


AdHitz is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network. There is no such traffic requirement to join AdHitz Ad network. All the sites are accepted. Just complete the registration procedure. After registration Add Website & generate the Ad code. After that Just paste the ad code on your website & start making money for every valid click received on the ads. (Adult sites are not accepted). CPC rates of AdHitz is average for worldwide traffic. You can check AdHitz CPC rates Here.

Approval Process – Immediate 
CPC – Average
Min. Payment – $25
Payout Threshold – Monthly
Payment Mode – PayPal, Payza




Clicksor is a Contextual Advertising Network. Clicksor offers Webmasters or Bloggers to choose the type of advertisements to be shown on their Web site at cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per visit (CPV)-(Popunder ads) and cost per interstitial (CPI) earnings metrics.

There is no traffic requirement to join Clicksor. Almost all the sites are accepted. But before joining please read the clicksor Publisher Agreement. Just signup at Clicksor.com & complete the registration procedure. There is No approval procedure for New sites. Members can Run the Ads Immediately Without Approval Process.

Clicksor Rates and revenue varies depending on the performance the advertisers attain from your Web site placements. You can check the rates Here. Clicksor offers 10% of referral commission to those who refers new members to Clicksor under their referral link.

Approval Process – Immediate
Ads Type – CPC, CPM, CPV(Popup Ads), CPI
Min. Payment – $50
Payout Threshold – Weekly (on request)
Payment Mode – PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Perfect Money


Propellerads is a very good advertising network. They offer many ad formats for publishers to monetize their content. But they actually need minimum of 10K of daily traffic requirement to display banner ads. But they don’t need any kind of traffic requirement for Pop-under ads, Native Direct Ads,  Dialog Ads/Push Up, Interstitial ads.

Just complete the registration procedure. After registration Add new website & verify the website. after successful verification, select the type of Ad you want to display & then simply copy-paste the ad code to your website. The ads will start to show immediately after you implemented the Ad-code properly.

Approval Process – Immediate
AdsType – Pop-under, Native Direct, Dialog /Push Up, Interstitial ads. 
Min. Payment – $100
Payout Threshold – NET-10
Payment Mode – PayPal, Payoneer, wire


YllixMedia offers CPC, Popup, Pop-under & Mobile Ads for monetization of  websites  with 100% worldwide fill rates. There is no minimum traffic requirement to join YllixMedia Ad network. All sites are accepted immediately after signup. They even accept adult sites. Publishers can even refer others to join YllixMedia as they offer 2% if lifetime commissions.
Approval Process – Immediate
Ads Model – CPC, Popup, Pop-under & Mobile Ads
 Min. Payment – $1
 Payout Threshold – daily 
 Payment Mode – PayPal, Wire


Shorte.st is not actually a Ad-network. Its actually a Link shortener website. But Shorte.st offers website monetization script which is a smart and easy way to earn extra income from your website traffic. If you are a publisher, then just signup at Shorte.st & implement the website script from shorte.st to your website. Whenever Users visit YOUR PAGE and click on any link, They see ADS on Intermediate Page . Publishers  will EARN MONEY for every ad display. If you refer new members to shorte.st using your affiliate link, then you will earn 20% of life time commission. Shorte.st pay rates varies for worldwide traffic. Check Pay rates of Shorte.st Here.
Approval Process – No Approval Process
Ads Model – NA
 Min. Payment – $5
 Payout Threshold – On request 
 Payment Mode – PayPal, Payza, Payoneer


Popads.net shouldn’t be in the list. Because the approval of new sites is not immediate. But Popads.net is one of the famous Popup ad network. So it’ s worth waiting. They are the specialist in providing Popunder ads. They offer very good eCPM rates for publishers. Another good thing about Popads.net is daily payout option. Members can withdraw their earning daily Or whenever their earning reaches minimum of 5$.

There is no traffic requirement to join Popads.net. Almost all the sites are accepted. Just signup at Popads.net & submit your site for approval. The approval procedure may take from 24hrs-48hrs. once the website is approved you can place ad code on your website & you can start earning immediately.

Approval Process – 24-48Hrs
Ads Model – Popup Ads
 Min. Payment – $5
 Payout Threshold – daily (on request)
 Payment Mode – PayPal, Payza


Hope you like the list. Any more suggestion regarding quick approval Ad-networks. Then let me know in comments below.

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    Nice information thanks for sharing it.

  3. Sachin says

    Can you suggest me which one is better amongst all of the ad networks?

    1. Aptha Gowda says

      Hey there sachin. It is difficult to judge best among the above mentioned adnetworks. Earning depends on many factors like quality of the traffic,geo, CPM rate, CPC rate, Page RPM, CTR etc. If your site is getting more visitors from english speaking countries like US, UK, CANADA Etc, then you may always get high earning, no matter whichever adnetwork you are using. If your traffic is low & getting more traffic from asian countries then revenue will also be low. So what I can suggest you is test each adnetwors by yourself & find which adnetwork is performing well with your traffic. Hope you understand. Feel free to ask if you have any querry.

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