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Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers | Indian Traffic


Are you an Indian Publisher? Tired of low CPC rates for Indian traffic? Then Here is a list of some good ad network for Indian traffic.

When choosing the best Ad-network for monetization of new websites Or Blogs, it is necessary to check which Ad network performs well for which geographic location. Particularly if your site receives more traffic from English speaking Countries like US, UK etc., then there is always a chance of getting High CPC rates. Because Advertisers will always look for English speaking audience to promote their brands. So it is difficult for Indian Publishers to generate good revenue if their website’s most percentage of traffic is from Asian countries.

Things to Remember :

  • Earnings actually depends on right Ad placement.
  • Earnings depends on the Quality of the Ad.
  • Ads must be relevant to your site Niche. If the Ads on your site is relevant to your site niche, then there is a chance of getting more clicks on Ads.
  • If your traffic is Low, then earnings will also be low. So its not the fault of the Ad network.
  • Traffic source also plays a vital role. If the majority of your incoming traffic  is from Search Engines, then you may get more clicks.

About the List

Actually this list is not arranged in any order & also this list doesn’t include the Advertising platforms which requires high volume of traffic to join their network. Because if your website Or Blog is already has high traffic, then I must say you are already earning a decent amount. Also there are many other monetization techniques available for high traffic publishers. that’s why this list is just focused on Low traffic publishers. 

Google Adsense


Google Adsense is the best Ad-network for global traffic. No matter from where your traffic is coming from, Google Adsense CPC rates is always High. As other ad networks google adsense also pays good CPC rates if your traffic is from English speaking countries. But when compared to all other Ad networks Google Adsense CPC for worldwide traffic is very High. So Google Adsense will always be on Top of the Ad-networks list when it comes to Click rates.

Google Adsense is not an easy to join Ad network. most of the newbie publishers will fail to get approval even after many attempts. But if the publishers follow some basics about google adsense terms & conditions then it is easy to get approval in the first attempt only. (Even I got the approval in the first attempt only & that too in just 1 day)

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Google Adsense is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network. The Minimum withdrawal amount is $100 & Payment mode is through Cheque only. Publishers will get automatic check payments if their earning reaches minimum of $100 by the end of the month.

  • $100 Min Payout.
  • Monthly Cheque Payments.
  • No traffic Requirement to Join.
  • High CPC Rates.

[otw_shortcode_button href=”https://www.google.com/adsense/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#099154″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square” target=”_blank”]Join Adsense Here[/otw_shortcode_button]



ads-optimalAdsOptimal is a CPC Ad network & a very good alternative to Google Adsense. Adsoptimal started in 2012 & Paying since then to members without any issues. AdsOptimal CPC rates are very good for worldwide traffic.

There is no traffic requirement to join AdsOptimal. But They will review every website before giving approval. They will divide all approved website into three category as Premium, Silver & Bronze category. If your website Or Blog is good with quality contents & has high volume of traffic, then your site will be considered as premium website. all premium websites will receive $15 as Bonus. If your Your website is considered as Silver website, then you will receive $10 Bonus. If your website is considered as Bronze then You will receive $5 Bonus. Along with this, you will receive $5 Bonus credit for running first Ad campaign. So this means, If Your website Or Blog is approved, then you will earn minimum of $10 without doing anything.

  • $50 Min Payout.
  • Payment Mode : PayPal, Cheque.
  • Good (CPC) Click rates.
  • Earn Up to $15 Bonus for every  approved sites.

Alexa Rank Worldwide : around 27K

Alexa Rank in India : around 8K

[otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.adsoptimal.com/?ss=ref36554″ size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square” border_color=”#088a40″ target=”_blank”]Join AdsOptimal Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

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Bidvertiser is a very good Cost Per Click (CPC) ad network. Bidvertiser pays very good CPC rates for worldwide traffic. But there are mixed reviews about Bidvertiser CPC rates. whatever, If your Ad placement is right, then there is always chance of getting lot of clicks on the Ads placed on your Website Or Blog. (Bidvertiser ads performs well if they are placed right below the post title)

Along with CPC Ads, Publishers can also use  Popup ads & Pop-under Ads to earn high revenue.

  • $10 Min Payout.
  • Payment Mode : PayPal, Cheque, Wire transfer
  • No traffic requirement.
  • Earn Up to $15 Bonus for every  approved sites.

Alexa Rank Worldwide : around 11K

Alexa Rank in India : around 7K

[otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.bidvertiser.com/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square” target=”_blank”]Join Bidvertiser Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

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PopAds.net is a famous Popup Advertising network. Popads rates are very good for worldwide traffic when compared to all other Popup ad networks. Advantage of joining Popads.net is they are We are the highest and fastest paying ad network on the market & specialized in popunders. No matter from where your traffic is coming from, Popads pays decent rates.

Publishers can set their minimum bid amount & can choose to serve popunders with autoplaying sound and video ads or they can choose to serve additional popups/popunders. Publishers can also set their popunder frequency to best suit their website’s interests. & also Publishers can limit the number of popunders to be shown to a single visitor during a day.

  • $5 Min Payout.
  • Payment Mode : PayPal, Alertpay, Wire transfer
  • No traffic requirement to Join.
  • Daily withdrawal option.

Alexa Rank Worldwide : 70

Alexa Rank in India : 24

[otw_shortcode_button href=”https://www.popads.net/users/refer/579294″ size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square” border_color=”#088A40″]Join PopAds Here[/otw_shortcode_button]


More Good Ad networks for Indian Traffic

  • Infolinks :

    Infolinks is a in-text ad network which works best on sites with lot of text in it. If your site has lot of quality contents & has high volume of traffic from search engines, then Infolinks is the Best Ad network to choose. There is no big traffic requirement to join Infolinks ad network. But they review each site before approval. Professional websites with quality contents may get approval easily. Minimum payout is $50 through PayPal, Cheque & wire transfer. 

[otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.infolinks.com/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square”]Join Infolinks Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

  • RevenueHits :

    RevenueHits is a CPA (Cost Per Action) Ad network. Publisher will only get paid, if the click on the ads turned into action. Otherwise just impression Or Just clicks on the Ads doesn’t generate any revenue for you. New users Just register at revenuehits and place the ad code on the desired website. There is No approval process for new sites. Just place the Ad code properly on your website & start making money instantly. Minimum Payout is $20 through PayPal, Payoneer & wire transfer.

[otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.revenuehits.com/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square” border_color=”#088A40″ target=”_blank”]Join RevenueHits Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

  • Media.Net :

    Media.Net is a yahoo Bing contextual advertising network & also very good alternative to google adsense. There is No traffic requirement to join media.net. But the majority of the traffic must be from US, UK, Canada., Many says media.net is good for US, UK traffic. But Media.net is actually has very good rates for worldwide traffic, including Indian traffic. You may not get High CPC for Indian traffic. But the Average CPC of Media.net is very good. Minimum payout is $100 through PayPal & Wire transfer. 

[otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.media.net/” size=”medium” bgcolor=”#088A40″ icon_position=”left” shape=”square”]Join Media.net Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

Most popular Cpm Advertising Networks 

So Here is the List of Adnetworks which can be used to generate decent revenue from Indian traffic. But I can’t give any guarantee that, after using these ad networks you will earn huge revenue. Instead, this list just ensures that, you can earn a decent Income form your Incoming (Indian Or Asian) traffic. Reviews from many webmasters shows that these ad networks performs well for Asian Traffic. 

Hope you like the list. Any More Suggestion ? Then let me know in the comments below. 

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    can you please suggest what is the cpm rates for Indian traffic.can you please list down the cpm rates for Indian traffic.thanks in advance.

  2. SRP says

    Are there any min requirements for traffic for media.net

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