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The 10 Best PC Optimizer Tools To Improve PC Speed & Performance


Aren’t you a little tired of your PC’s slow speed? Looking for Best PC Optimizer tools to improve PC Speed & Performance? Then, read the article further.

Slowing of PC really gets on our nerves and doesn’t allow us to do our routine tasks smoothly. With the advancement in the technology and the world leaning towards growth, our PC’s are going in the wrong direction. Over time our hardware accumulates data and slows down. Don’t worry there are many optimizer tools to help you with this problem.

T0p 10 Best PC Optimizer Tools For PC

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

There are many PC optimizer tools available but almost all of them are expensive and cut deep into your pockets. Now, this tool is the perfect combination as it is the best one on our list and is free. This software will help you to analyze the condition of your hard drive and will also help you to maintain it. It also provides you with a solution if there is a problem found and can delete your temporary feels if needed. What more can you want?


Lolo system mechanic

This software removes your junk files and unwanted app with utmost ease. It also helps you to clear out RAM, logs, cache files, and history. It also removes traces of your browsing history in order to protect your privacy. This software is available in both free and premium editions.



There are many unused and temporary files which get stuck in the system. Deleting them separately will take a lot of time. There is where WinUtilities can help you, it tracks your files which are not required by the PC and allows you to get rid of them on a regular basis. This is a free tool which will considerably increase the speed of your PC.


IObit Advanced SystemCare

This tool follows a very hands off approach and is very simple to use. It is handy for all type of users and is ideal for novice users. It gets rid of unwanted stuff from your computer and makes your hard drive error free. It is simple yet efficient. It is available in both free and premium editions.



The in depth approach of this software makes it one of the most popular free PC optimizer tool where it does allow the user to get rid of unwanted files like every other tool but the thing which makes it different from others is its ability to conduct in depth scan which will trace each and every folder in your PC. It also gives you an option of deleting the browser files you wish to get rid of and cookies which you want to keep.


The PC Decrapifier

This tool is ideal for brand new PC’s which will help you to explore new apps and analysis your system. It gives you feedback not according to the developer’s opinion but on other user’s feedback. This is what it makes it amazing and it is absolutely free.


3DP Chip

Many a time’s outdated drivers can prove the reason of slowing down your PCs. This tool helps you to keep track of the drivers and update them as soon as an update is available. It updates all the drivers related to the video card or sound graphics card all under one place. Also, it is absolutely free.



This tool will help to improve the overall performance of your PC by repairing the problematic registry, deleting junk files and making your hard drive error free. This tool goes the extra mile by having allowing cloud based optimization. This is a paid tool but is worth it.


Norton Utilities

When a software is uninstalled it will leave some junk files which slows down the PC. It fixes the invalid registry entries, freeing hard drive space and removing unwanted files. This tool has a clean and easy to navigate interface. It is a premium tool and has no free edition.


Wise Care 365

The utmost priority of this tool is to increase the speed of your PC by deleting junk files and tracking them. The special quality of this tool is that it has the fastest search module and scans your PC in the quickest way possible. It is one of the best free Optimizer tools on the market.

The above list includes both free and premium tool available in the market. It will help you to choose the best optimizing tool for your PC and increase its overall performance so that you can use your PC without any hassle.

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