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Best Productivity Apps for Graduates to Improve Productivity


We present to you a list of efficient productivity apps for graduates that might help to decrease the workload. Students need to be on their toes to prove themselves in the competitive world. These Android apps make your work easier and decrease your work so that you balance our studies along with other recreational activities. These apps may help you not to just remain a book worm but rather a multi-talented student!

10 Essential Apps for Graduates that Organizes Work Systematically!

The 10 productivity apps for graduated students allow your work to be organized and systematically. These apps will help the lazy to rise and sharpen the minds of youngsters who are under stress with coping up with the present. Don’t panic, there is a solution for everything. Your android phones can also be used for academic purpose rather than just liking your best friend’s profile or competing with buddies!


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Everyone might have an Android phone rather than taking efforts to bring a notebook! Your phone or tablet is capable to take notes and markup PDF’s. Android app Squid is easy to use handwriting app which can be operated with an active pen, passive stylus or your finger. Equipped with a unique feature to markup PDF’s to fill forms, sync documents, import images or even add a text!

Download Squid!


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The Evernote is a smart app which allows you to write, collect, capture ideas in the form of checklists or to-do- list. Students have some many subjects to study, he can organize related web articles, docs, files or photos such that you don’t start a search operation during exam days. Make a different folder according to your subjects and share it with your lazy yet best friends or send it in the form of a presentation.

Download Evernote!


Cover artTagged as the “Best to-do list app”! This app doesn’t need much introduction as many of us use it for daily purpose. This notification tool helps to manage your important tasks and maintains a schedule of important reminders. The student needs to keep a note of all important assignments, exam time table or any casual to-do-list or any random ideas. Get reminders or alerts, attach photos, videos or presentations and share it with your friends! Get this app asap!

Download Wunderlist!

iStudiez Pro

Cover artThe deadlines for assignments tend to be forgotten with regular academic activities that surround the students each day. The name itself suggests it was developed especially for the scholars who are dedicated and punctual with their work. It prioritizes your assignments, keeps a track of your schedule so that you don’t lose marks for being late. Students need to sync this app with the calendar and it alerts you about your deadlines!

Download iStudiez Pro!


Cover artThis is an ideal app for the post graduates and Ph.D. students during their research. It comes with interesting tools for researchers from one relevant library. Mendeley functions like a personal research assignment and guides the researcher during the research phase. The app allows to collect, organize and even share documents with peers! Connecting and collaborating with researchers worldwide is what seems to be more attractive about this app. Not only this, search for related jobs worldwide with the help of this multipurpose app!

Download Mendeley!


Cover artOutliner helps to create a blueprint of all your ideas, thoughts and tasks systematically. For the researchers, this app will help you to create, arrange and edit outlines for research papers and projects. Compile all your work with the Outliner and just have a last minute brush up of all the work done. Download the Outline app for smooth and stay up-to-dated!

Download Outliner!


Cover artDropbox is developed to share documents, photos, videos and other related files to your friends. The Email has become a necessity for every student. Nowadays, transfer of notes or documents has become digital. It is a box for all your related files which can be accessed from all your devices. Drop in all your notes and stay stress-free !

Download Dropbox!


Cover artThe web is filled with tons of interesting articles or stories that might amuse the reader, but you don’t have time to read it now! This app is a place to store all such articles or keeping a track of such important articles. Not necessarily text, but a video or audio or link can be kept in the pocket. Making your work easier, sync with your phone, tablet, computer. Bookmark anything from email to Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard!

Download Pocket!

PDF Reader

Cover artStudents have huge PDF’s to be organized for 6-7 different subjects. Also, there are several online books that are available in the form of PDF. The PDF Reader helps to read, scan and share PDF’s. This app has been awarded as the most downloaded PDF reader which enables to manage all your documents systematically. Share your related documents with the help of email and cloud.

Download PDF Reader!


Cover artThe app is loaded with the chunk of information required by every student. This is a source of expert knowledge and computation. Prepares reports by using a vast collection of algorithms and data. This is a savior for mathematics, statistics, engineering students! Download the app to work efficiently!

Download WolframAlpha!

Study Smartly with these Productivity Apps!

These apps are a combination of studying smartly and working efficiently. There are several such apps made exclusively for the college students or graduates. Download any of the above apps and get acquainted with these apps that make your work easy and effortless. Apart from these productivity apps, music is something which can lower your stress levels. Download Fildo Music App as well to ensure that you are enjoying and don’t get bored while working.

In this paperless Era, I would prefer to acquire PDF Reader, Dropbox while the tedious research process can be made easy by Mendeley and Outliner. Be quick to download and work wisely!


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Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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  1. Suraj Padmasali says

    Evernote app is the useful app for me, I always read and update a new article. It’s helpful for me to increase my productivity.

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