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Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos


Whether you’re a blogger or a designer, one thing is sure that you will need a lot of stock photos to empower your stunning websites and modern-themed blogs. It would be a horrible mess if these stock photo websites didn’t exist. Fortunately, we don’t have to click photos and these free stock photo websites are our savior. There are literally hundreds of Free Stock Photo websites available on the internet and it is certainly a herculean task to choose the best suitable one as per own requirements. We are going to help you with this by suggesting you some of the best photo stock websites available online. Following are the websites which give you free licensed photos for your personal and professional use.

Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos:



PEXELS: When we talk about Stock photo websites, we cannot forget the name of Pexels. Pexels is arguably the best website in this category. With its Creative Commons Zero or CCO, each and every photo on the website is licensed and can be used for public and personal use. Also, the photos are completely free and their quality is top class. You can search photos by their keywords and there are thousands of pictures to choose from.If you go through the site they have various options available.

You can even select the photos of the top photographers as they have this feature as well. Under the top photographer’s tab, you can see the best-ranked photographers on this site and you can choose your pick from their work easily. Ain’t this just sounds like a cherry on the top of the cake? Also if you have a knack for photography, you can upload your work on the site too. And the best thing, guess what not just the photos but you can also download some good quality videos from this site as well, that too for free. So, what are you waiting for guys go and check this beautiful site now!



EVERY STOCK PHOTO: With more than 20 million available photos to choose from, it is already nicknamed as the “search engine for free photos”. But what makes this site different from other photo websites? You will get to know when you open it.

The best thing about this site is the whole site looks so much sorted. They have already sorted menus for every category so that you don’t have to hop into 20 million photos to find what you are looking for. Isn’t this line gave a sigh of relief? Well, for me it is. Also, there is an advanced search option in which you can even set the resolution, height, width of the image you want. Perfect! Now all I need is a cup of coffee, my beanbag, and this site.



PICOGRAPHY: The best part about this site is its serenity. This site is so sorted and clear on its own that you will definitely fall in love at the first glance. And if you don’t like to search your pictures within particular categories or if you’re too confused about what pictures you exactly need, this website can be quite helpful. Picography doesn’t let you search images, but it shows random high-quality pictures. Its user experience is pretty good and simple as the website is smooth and easy to use. They also offer you for their premium collections and for that you need to buy a membership first. They also add new premium collection every month. If you have a big heart or you are easily flown with Picography’s work you can even tip them under the tip jar tab. When you click the tip jar, it redirects you to PayPal where you can pay them through your PayPal account. It’s a good idea, actually!



PIXABAY: Pixabay is a recommended free photo stock website for artists. It offers more than 1 million exquisite photos which are totally free. The main collection of Pixabay is related to art and craft. The website is a heaven to the artists and people who need photos related to arts. Apart from this, Pixabay has thousands of photos from various categories. It is one of those few Stock Photo Websites where the chances of getting the perfect photo of your choice are pretty high. Also, those who love to hop first into editor’s pick, this is an absolute right place for you. They offer a tab named editor’s choice from which you can select best of the best photos. They also have a tab named photographers. Now you must be thinking what is so different about this tab. So, let me tell you under this page they have most active, popular and newcomers photographers. Not just this they also show you the rankings, likes, downloads, starred photos from prospective photographers. This is so convincing that the photographers are getting proper credits for their work. I will give one star more for this excellent thinking. A great job was done.


Hope you are now clear with the fact that you can also use high quality photos just like other photographers. All you have to do now is to give these sites a good visit and unleash the hidden features from your side too. Thank you for finding time to read this article.

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