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CleanUp! Free Application To Remove Temporary Files From Windows


CleanUp! – usually Known as Windows cleanup is an awesome application that removes temporary files from Windows to optimize the system.

This application optimizes windows system & hard drive space by deleting temporary and junk files. These type of junk files most commonly generated while your are browsing internet, during software & other installations, while doing an update to old software, by Offline webpages, These are useless as they do nothing except to occupy space on the hard disk drive. Removing of all these unwanted junk files makes your system run efficiently. This will also protects your privacy.

Setup & Installation Procedure

[button-blue url=”http://download.cnet.com/CleanUp/3000-2144_4-10727454.html” target=”_self” position=”center”]Download CleanUp! 4.5.2[/button-blue]

  • Download Cleanup Application From above link.
  • Open the downloaded file & install the application. Below is the screen shot of installation procedure.

  • Once the Installation is finished, Just Open the application & click on CleanUP! tab. Now all you need to do is to wait until the cleanup procedure is completed.

Main Window

Demo mode

You can run the test using Cleanup! demo mode. All the procedure is same as regular cleanup mode. But the benefit with demo mode is you will get clear idea of how many files are going to get deleted from your computer & how many disk space is going to free. Demo mode shows you the exact picture of the Clenup! results. Now it’s up-to you whether you opt to run the regular Cleanup Or Not.

Result of Demo Mode will look like this

Additional Features

Windows CleanUp! is an easy to use Application with a simple user friendly interface. It has different sections where users can choose what to clean from various options such as Windows registry, empty the recycle bin, browser options, user files, Cookies & much more.

As you can see the above picture, there are four different types of cleanup sections available.

  • Custom Cleanup – Users can choose whichever option they want.
  • Basic Cleanup – Empty Recycle-bin & Deletes Newsgroup cache.
  • Standard Cleanup –Empty Recycle-bin, Deletes Newsgroup cache, Delete News group subscription, Cookies, Prefetch files & all user files.
  • Thorough Cleanup – Empty Recycle-bin, Deletes Newsgroup cache, Delete News group subscription, Cookies, Prefetch files & all user files, favorite places, bookmarks, Fully erase.

There is a very useful recovery option. This recovery option will help you in case of something important has been erased. The system can be restored to the point when everything was working fine.

Drawback : Program works only with 32-bit Windows systems.

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