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Effects of Emerging Technologies on the Society


The world is going gaga over the rapid developments that are taking place in the field of science and technology. When we talk about technologies there are unexpected things that you can expect from science. Every facet of life is being touched by technology and is directly or indirectly affecting it.

Technology is affecting the lives of everyone, irrespective of the age bracket. From the basic things like toys to the bigger things like medical appliances everything has been changed and updated to its better version.

Here are the fields in which we are witnessing rapid developments


Internet Technology

Due to the availability of the internet, the world has become an ocean full of knowledge which can explore to learn and flourish. The Internet provides the world to you not just on the screen of your laptop or computer but it reduces the distance between you and the world by just doing some clicks.

The Internet has made the world a smaller place as there are various ways to communicate with the help of internet. You can call and connect with your loved one over the computer or a laptop. You just need to connect some computer components and accessories like webcam, speakers, mouse, keyboard, wi-fi modem.

Not only the internet is a source of information but also entertainment, like for example you can watch movies online and listen to music. With the help of the internet, individuals and enterprises run huge businesses earn huge bundles of money and provide services. No matter what you need you can find on the internet.

With the proper use of the internet, huge businesses are run easily for which earlier huge time was required. Now, everything comes with some downsides just like that internet too comes with its own set of disadvantages. Want to know what? There are a lot of unhealthy materials present on the internet for deteriorating young and vulnerable minds. Many terrorists activities are backed up with the power of the internet. So, you can quite well imagine how is it making lives miserable.


Nano Technology

Nano in size but definitely it is making its presence felt in a great way. It is spreading like wildfire and the way it is helping the people and society is unimaginable. Nanotechnology is being used to treat cancer, cure various diseases.

Not only the health sector but also with the help of nanotechnology even electronic sector is gaining speed and is witnessing huge and drastic developments. With nanotechnologies, there are endless possibilities that can be achieved. Nanotechnology can not only build but break too. A great world that has been formed with Nano Technology can be brought down and destroyed within minutes.


Energy Technology

We have solar energy, hydrogen battery technology, and wind-powered plants. Energy technology has really proved useful in place of alternative technologies. They have tried to break the monopoly of various sectors. The energy technology comes with various hazards some of them are even problem causing for the environment.
The rewards and risks of the new technologies

The 21st century technology has seen the emergence of technologies that is changing the way people are living and connecting to other people. It is devastating the world and at the same time bringing unimaginable changes that is changing the world for the good.


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