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How to Fix Or Prevent Overheating Issues with Laptop


How to Prevent or Fix an Overheating Laptop

Laptops or Notepads tend to get overheated when used for long hours. Most of the time we realize it is getting overheated when we experience a sudden shutdown of the system because of fail-safe software. If this happens repeatedly, it may potentially damage the hardware.

Why does a laptop overheat?

The cooling system of laptops is their small inbuilt fans. So, general cause of overeating of a laptop is blocking of the airflow from the fan. This can happen is two ways:

  • The laptop is kept in such a manner that is blocking the airflow.
  • Layers of dust has been deposited on the fan which is blocking the function of the fan

Except these, any other hardware malfunction or too much memory consumption by the programs can also cause overheating.

Prevent the Laptop from Overheating

To prevent the laptop from overheating we may follow these simple things:

  • Keep the laptop on a cooling pad, laptop stand or a flat and hard surface. Keeping your laptop literally on the lap or on soft surfaces like beds or pillows may cause blocking of the airflow.
  • Always maintain a normal to cool temperature where it is being used. This prevents the laptops to be overheated.
  • Use a heat sink to keep your laptop cool.
  • Get the help of software that will notify you about the temperature rise and software fixes to cool it down.

Fixes for Overheating Laptops

There are simple fixes to try when your laptop gets overheated suddenly.

  • Do some first aids like shutting down the laptop immediately, unplug it, remove the battery etc.
  • Clean the fan.
  • Use software fixes if you think the overheating is caused by a program.
  • Update any application that may cause overheating

It is very important to maintain a normal temperature of your laptop to increase its lifespan. The hardware of any new series launched may sometimes cause overheating of the internal components of the laptops. If this is the case, seeking professional help from the service provider is essential.


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