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How to recover data from damaged hard drive?


I recently changed my laptop, so I transferred the important work data to the hard drive. However, this hard drive is not connecting to the new laptop. I dropped it accidentally after transferring data. Maybe that caused physical damage to the drive. What should I do? How to recover data from the damaged hard drive? 

We all need a hard drive, or a spare drive to store the huge amounts of data such as documents, work files, pictures, videos, etc. However, this drive can get damaged or suddenly stop responding due to various reasons. Hence, before we explore dead hard drive recovery, ensure that you:

  • Disconnect or Remove the drive from your PC or laptop.
  • Do not try to dismantle the drive at home with a spare toolkit.
  • Your hard drive can stop responding due to various reasons. Below we have explained all the major categories of damage that your hard drive can suffer.

Tampering with the drive can make hard drive recovery almost impossible. If you accidentally overwrite data or damage it more, you can end up losing the files stored in it.

Let’s understand how your hard drive can get damaged and how can you recover it.


Is Your Hard Drive Damaged?

Your hard drive can stop responding due to various reasons. Below, we have explained all the major categories of damage that can happen to your hard drive.


# Mechanical Damage

With time, any hard drive can suffer mechanical damage. This can happen due to wear and tear, such as a loose read/write head. With repetitive usage, the mechanical parts of the connecting head can become loose or wobbly. While connecting to the laptop, the read/write head may become loose or get unattached.

It is interesting to note that mechanical failures always give you visible signs such as broken head or grinding sounds.


# Physical Damage

Anything from water, heat, or electric exposure can cause physical damage to your drive. No HDD is fully resistant to heat and water. Hence, these two components can severely damage your hard drive. It may erase data or make the drive dead.

Additionally, any mishandling such as dropping a heavy thing on the drive can also cause hard drive damage. Due to all these reasons, your drive may stop responding to access data.


# Unable to Boot

If the firmware code of your hard drive is disrupted due to any reason, it may stop booting. For instance, malware attack, electronic failure, or missing code files can cause this damage. This would break the interaction route from your laptop to the hard drive.


# Logical Damage

As the name suggests, this damage occurs due to logical software errors, such as corrupt files, virus attack, and other human intervention.

For example, if you remove the drive without ejecting it, your drive could suffer software damage.

Note: This type of failure can corrupt your files, erase data, or damage your images. It is best to seek professional help. 


Signs of Dead Hard Drive

Most of the times, you can observe signs of a dead hard drive. Here, we have explained some of these signs.


# Error Messages

When there are possible disk issues, you will encounter error messages. For example, volume is dirty, hard drive not found (3f0), hard disk error 301, error BIOHD-8, etc.

You can check the error status with SMART test: run a SMART test, check the error, and read the suggestions.



This is self-explanatory. You will see a blue screen and your system will crash. You may not be able to access your laptop after this. For this situations you can contact a data recovery service provider like Stellar for -recovering your data.


# Clicking Sound

When you suddenly start hearing clicking or grinding sounds that are coming from your hard drive, backup data immediately. If your drive fails during backup, you may need help from professional data recovery experts to recover data.


What Should You Do?

The dead hard drive recovery is not a single-handed task, and it certainly can’t be performed at home. If you tamper with the drive, the data loss can become permanent. And if you take your drive to an unprofessional technician, it can cause extreme data loss.

Stellar Data Recovery has years of experience in hard disk recovery. With Class 100 clean rooms and No Recovery, No Charge policy, they ensures secure, integral, and reliable services to the customers.



Since the data stored in the hard drive is essential for you, it is best to let experts handle dead hard disk recovery. However, choose a trusted provider like Stellar to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Stellar is an ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization and provides 100% safe and secure data recovery services and maintains high level of data confidentiality. They have 15 branches across India and recovering data since 1993. Stellar, have served more than 3+ Million customers worldwide and the services available for both corporates and individuals for all kind of data loss situations. For more information about stellar data recovery visit their official website.

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