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Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 review


Looking for Best antivirus to protect your PC from all malware, Trojans & other virus threats? Then read the article further: This article has an in-depth Review of Kaspersky Antivirus.

There always comes a time in a PC user’s life where he must protect his system and data against the innumerable threats out there. One can get a good antivirus protection online for free but the best antivirus utilities outperform the ones that are free. Some of the best antivirus products out there are made by Kaspersky Lab and Kaspersky Anti-virus is one among them. Kaspersky antivirus offers complete protection against all kinds of threats and malware. From password management to antivirus software and internet security, Kaspersky Lab has enabled its software to offer protection with almost no effect on user’s computer speed.

Kaspersky Antivirus Review

The installation process of Kaspersky Antivirus is smooth and fast. The software has the ability to work remarkably well in different conditions ranging from Intel i7 dual core processor to a single core 1GHz processor.

Kaspersky Antivirus offers 5 types of Protection to PC. Let’s have a glance through all the features it offers:

 File anti-virus module

This feature enables the software to scan all the files that are opened, run or saver from the computer and is one of the fastest tested modules available. In case the file cannot be disinfected by the software, the software provides the option of disinfection without restarting the computer.

This module also performs the function of scanning a new device attached to the computer or when a DVD is inserted into the tray, with remarkable speed. A user is asked if they want to/don’t want to scan the files from the new device. No matter what is decided, if the user wants to open a file from the DVD/ USB, this software will start scanning it before allowing access.

 Web anti-virus module

This feature enables the user to know if the web page he or she wants to visit, is infected or not. This is a great feature for users to keep their system safe by knowing the presence of a malware. This module is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox and can be activated only with the user’s consent. The visited pages are also categorized into 3 groups: Safe (Green), Infected (Red) and Unknown (Gray).

This module also scans incoming web traffic, blocking any dangerous threats from running on your device and there are 3 levels of protection that it provides: low, medium and high. The medium level of protection provides the best protection with minimum impact on user’s resources.

 System Watcher module

This module enables the user to maintain a strong degree of protection against malware actions such as if an infected file modifies different applications or changes the data structure. Such illegal actions will be automatically blocked when the module is activated.

 IM Anti-virus

This module scans the messages received for any unwanted malware infection or phishing attempts, with impressive speed and effectiveness. A noteworthy feature is that the module can be deactivated if the user doesn’t no frequently use messaging applications.

 Mail antivirus module

As the name suggests, this module takes on the responsibility of scanning incoming emails. The email antivirus module prevents email infections if the settings are correctly done and the module is activated.

Additional Features:

  • The self-defense module prevents software from modification attempts made by cyber criminals.
  • The reporting and quarantine section helps user check if the antivirus software has blocked suspicious actions and the monitored level can be modified to see the event where the antivirus decided to interfere.
  • Secured connections module helps the user in hiding their real location while browsing the web.
    Safe money feature automatically hides user’s transactions making it impossible for the hackers to keep track of it. Based on the visited website, this module activates and asks the user if they want to replace the traditional with a more secure environment.
  • The threats and exclusions module is responsible for running apps that user knows is safe, in a controlled environment.
  • The on-screen keyboard is an added bonus that protects against key loggers; tools used by cyber criminals and hackers to steal data. The onscreen keyboard makes sure the key loggers become inefficient.
  • Vulnerabilities scan helps in identifying the device’s weak points and where the attack can occur. After the scanning is done, a list of vulnerabilities is shown. The system settings can be modified to prevent any type of vulnerability.

Advantages of Pro version over free version:

Most of the extra features that come with Kaspersky’s pro version are a no show in the free version. Or rather they show but any attempts by the user to use them end up futile. One of the more specific features of the Pro version that the free version doesn’t have is real tech support.

With the free product, the user has to access FAQ’s, forums and documentation. But with the paid version users can email tech support. Agents are available for live chat support or over the telephone and in situations where there is a serious problem, having access to Kaspersky’s fantastic tech support can be a godsend!

Also, the behavior based detection done by the powerful System Watcher, is not available in the free version, making it possible for brand new 0 day attacks to get past other layers of protection and infect the device.


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Pros & Cons of Kaspersky Antivirus

• The interface is extremely easy to use and installation requires almost no time.
• Unbelievable value for money. Even though it may not be the cheapest antivirus available, it is one of the best ones for the price it is offered at. Users can be sure that their computer will be protected, it performance unaffected and have access to the best support team available.
• Before removing any possible threats, this software provides the user with its findings and they can select the items they do not want to be removed. And in the unlikely event where the cleanup removes files that weren’t supposed to be removed, the action can be reversed.

• Only limited speed is provided by the secured connections module.


Overall, Kaspersky Anti-Virus definitely goes beyond the basics with all its features and bonus features and its rollback system lets user reverse the effects ransom ware/malware which. For user’s looking to protect their system thoroughly, this software is definitely worth the investment.

So what are you waiting for? Just Buy Kaspersky Anti-virus & Protect your PC.


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