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Poptm Review 2017 | Best Pop-Under Adnetwork


Poptm review for Publishers

Poptm Review 2017

Introduction to Poptm

Poptm.com is a Top PopUnder Ad network which help publishers to generate more revenue with its Adblock bypass technology. As we all know Adblock plugins are most common way that global internet users are using to block popup Ads. These plugins blocks the This is is the most common reason that most Publishers often claim to have less revenue from their websites because of the ad blockers. In such situation, Poptm will be your rescuer. Yes, Poptm uses unique rotating adcode which bypass Adblock Plugins. Poptm claims their unique rotating adcode bypass almost 90% of Adblock plugins which will help publishers go generate more revenue with their traffic.

Brief overview of Poptm.com

For Publisher :

  • No minimum traffic requirement to Join & Very Quick domain approval.
  • Unique Rotating Ad codes to bypass adblock & increase your revenue by 50%.
  • Real time statistics which will be updated every second.
  • Low minimum payout of $10 only.
  • Can request payout even 5 times a day with min payout 10$
  • 95% revenue share with publishers.
  • For wordpress users it is very easy to implement Poptm rotating ad code on all pages using simple poptm WordPress Plugin.

Payment method :

  • paypal, Payza & Bitcoin.

Is poptm is the best alternative to Adsense?

No. Adsense is totally different. We cannot compare Adsense with poptm. But we can consider Poptm as a good alternative to Adsense. As Adsense is very strict in its user policy, it is always good to have a back up option as Poptm.

Which sites work best with Poptm?

In my experience, Poptm works best with entertainment Niche sites such as Music, Movies, Streaming, Downloads, Sports Etc. Because As you know Pop-under ads require clicks to open the ads. So If it is Entertainment Niche, then the click rate will always be high. This will automatically generates more impressions.

My Experience with Poptm

My experience with poptm is really good. I used poptm on an entertainment Niche website. Poptm really performed well.

I was a poptm member since its launch & used for some days. But I was forced to remove poptm because of low traffic. Poptm actually performed well. But due to low traffic I was not earning good revenue with poptm. So I thought Poptm was not good for that specific site until traffic improves.

I got the opportunity again to use Poptm when I started a Entertainment Niche site. The site traffic was very good. I was getting around 15K to 20K daily page views. I know that is not good Nos. But As the Niche of the site is about downloads, I had very few Advertising options. As Most of the famous Ad networks such as Adsense, Media.net & others dont allow these type of sites, I had no other options. This forced me to try Popunder Ad networks. I actually used some other famous pop-under ad network also. But Poptm indeed performed well with my site traffic.

Earning Screenshot

Poptm Earnings

As you can see in the above screen shot, I earned over $200 with Poptm so far. But I need to mention a point here, Poptm eCPM rates is very good if traffic comes from English speaking countries like US, UK, Canada etc. But for Asian countries eCPM is average. I got around $1.7 to $2.5 for US traffic & around $0.30 to $0.70 for Asian traffic. But overall eCPM I got was around $0.55 to $0.60 only. It’s Not too good rates. But this is actually good rate as most percentage of my site traffic is from Asian countries.

Poptm daily Earning stats

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Getting Started with Poptm

Poptm is very easy to join Ad-network. It will take less than a minute to complete the signup procedure. Once signup is completed just login to your dashboard & add your website. Approval of new website is very quick. Once the website is approved Just copy & paste the adcode to your website & start earning immediately.

Revenuehits signup form

  • To Add new Websites>>> Just Go to Publishers > Websites > Add new Website > Enter your domain name > Select appropriate category > Click Save.

How to Add Poptm Ad-code to your  Website?

For wordpress users

Once the the Website is approved just go to Get code tab & copy & paste the ad-code to your website (anywhere between <body> </body> tags.) OR click here to download Poptm Plugin.

For Blogger users  

Just goto layout> Sidebar>Add a gadget > paste the Adcode > Save the settings.



Traffic Requirement
Minimum Payout
Payment Type
On Request
Payment Processor
PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin
eCPM Rates
$0.60-$1.5 (Average)
Commission type
Popunder Ads
Accepted traffic
Worldwide traffic
Referral Commission
Earn $25 per valid referral.

Revenuehits signup form

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