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Private Internet Access VPN Review


In current days, threat of hacking and other cyber malpractices have put our lives into deep anxieties. So VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become an essential tool to install to mask the original IP address designated by the Internet Service Provider, in order to ensure ample safety at the user’s end.

There are several VPN services available the Internet world, but choosing the right one is difficult. So we are here to help you with that. Today we will be reviewing Private Internet Access VPN service. So not wasting any more time let’s move on to Private Internet Access VPN review.


Private Internet Access VPN Review

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) has grabbed a reputed position among all the VPN service providers available in the market through its wide range of robust attractive features and support facility in collaboration with numerous available servers. In this parlance, this article discusses the key features, list of pros and cons, pricing options and user reviews of Private Internet Access VPN in detail.

Key Features:

  • Private Internet Access is an easily available Android app which is traceable and downloadable from the Google Play store. If you want to use the trial version, it is completely free of cost.
  • PIA VPN is simple and user friendly with recognizable user interface.
  • Apart from Android, PIA VPN can be well integrated with both Windows OS and Mac OS mobile operating systems.
  • Private Internet Access VPN includes “PIA MACE” DNS level protection services which act against malware and ads, and hence saves your device from external vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks while you are connected to VPN network.
  • PIA VPN’s android app offers a great option of offering ‘Smart Packets’ which helps in shrinkage of data packets sent by the phone.
  • It also offers another attractive option of offering ‘Small Packets’ which slightly lowers the IP packet size to improve compatibility with some specific routers and some specific mobile networks.
  • The best feature offered by Private Internet Access VPN is ‘Split Tunnelling’ which accelerates the capability of a device to designate which apps should actually use VPN connections and which apps should remain stuck to regular data connection.
  • It has a special feature to whitelist the games and video streaming apps so that they can function properly.
  • PIA VPN offers wide ranged features in administrative panel including fixing your connection type protocol as TCP/UDP, specifying your remote port to “auto”, sending request for post forwarding and displaying port number in tooltip after connecting.
  • PIA comes with an option for IPv6 leak protection which disables IPv6 while you are connected to VPN network.
  • Private Internet Access endorses robust security in terms of its usage. The user can mix and match while selecting the security and protection features like “All Speed No Safety”, “Risky Business” and/or “Maximum Protection” unlike most of the other VPN services in market which by default endorses AES-256 encryption facility for data transmissions.
  • PIA VPN uses SHA1 algorithmic encryption to authenticate data and it also uses RSA 2048 encryption for setting up SSC (secure server connection).
  • PIA abides by the protocols: OpenVPN, IPsec/L2TP and PPTP.
  • PIA VPN also extends manual setting up of compatibility with well-known flavours of Linux operating system and open source router firmware like DD-WRT package, Tomato and pf Sense.
  • PIA VPN does not support ‘Multi-Hop’.
  • PIA falls under ‘No Obfuscation’ category of VPN services.



  1. Private Internet Access VPN is compatible with huge number of connection servers.
  2. It is very fast when compared to other VPN services available in market.
  3. PIA is inexpensive. It comes with a low price which is only $3.33 per month in average for standard plan.
  4. It does not keep the baggage of logs. PIA falls under “No Logs” VPN category.
  5. It has commendable security and privacy features. PIA has passed all the security and privacy related quality tests, hence it is located in good-listed privacy jurisdiction. PIA uses “OpenVPN” connectivity protocol with AES-128 encryption facility in order to protect data transmissions by the users.
  6. PIA has built in advertisement blocker which is hugely appreciated by the users, who think advertisements in between a VPN service is utterly annoying.
  7. PIA accepts payments in Bitcoins, Cashu and gift cards. So, no hassles is associated with making e-monetary transactions with the help of PIA VPN.



  1. It is based in the US. Hence, getting the usage rights and permissions can be problematics outside the country of US. PIA usually turns off the users who are worried about FBI or NSA.
  2. It does not have a good rapport with customer services. Hence, poor support is a painstaking feature associated with PIA.
  3. In comparison with other VPN services available in market, PIA has comparatively limited number of features in its kitty.
  4. Possible driver issues can arise with PIA which act against the usual VPN norms and protocols. Most of the times, users have got disappointed with a message “Invalid TAP driver” probably due to the conflict with previously installed older version of the PIA VPN software.
  5. You cannot create your own username over here after browsing its admin panel even if you have sufficient administrative rights and privileges. Hence, you need to depend on their provided default username.


 Pricing Plans:

Private Internet Access VPN has three basic pricing plans. If you buy PIA for one month, you need to pay $6.95. Else, if you want to buy PIA for one year, you need to pay $39.95 by saving an overall price of 52%. And finally, between these two extremities, there is an in-between option to buy it for six months for which you need to pay $35.95 by saving an overall price of 14%. There is a “7 day money back guarantee” associated with every plan as mentioned earlier. No hidden cost, bandwidth clause or allied restriction is coupled with the said costs of each afore mentioned plan.


User Review:

Performance wise, feature wise and return of value wise, Private Internet Access VPN has earned 3 stars out of 5 stars by the experienced users. But because of the poor customer support services of PIA VPN, it has only earned 1 star out of 5 stars. Considering overall performance, PIA VPN has received 3 stars out of 5 stars. (click here for review)


Ratings by Other’s

  • PCMAG – 4.5/5.0
  • Tom’s Guide – 9.0/10
  • TheBestVPN – 7.5/10
  • TechRadar – 4.5/5.0
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  1. kankana saha says

    exactly, i always wanted to have a private network but thought it might be under cyber crime… i hope we will get providers with such features from bangalore and other IT hub within India.

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