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How To Speed Up Windows and Make Your Computer Load faster


Nothing is permanent! Not even top-notch performance of all new Windows PC. It is ephemeral. When you get the new laptop it always responds fast and quick without any delay but after you start filling up the hard drive with the pile of data and media files windows seems to get sluggish and sometimes it can take up to the minute or two for just starting up.

If you are still using the most common hard drive instead of solid state drive then it will be an auspicious step to spend some bucks on SSD as it is the single performance upgrade for most of the people.  There are certain parameters you need to consider if you want to keep the performance of your PC high without changing any hardware of your Windows PC, but compromising special effects and other personalization options. There are certain things you can try to speed up your PC which is mentioned below.

Effective ways to speed up windows and make your computer faster


 Get rid of startup program

If your PC is taking too long to boot up it’s because all the applications and utilities you have installed which starts automatically when you start the computer yet most of them don’t need to. But you can turn stop these applications to start automatically simply by following these steps. To fix this, right-click on the Start button and click Task Manager. Click the Startup tab or click more details if you don’t see the Startup tab and peruse the list of programs that start up with your computer.

If you see a program that doesn’t need to be there, right-click it and click Disable. You can also arrange the list of programs by Startup impact if you’d like to see the programs that are taking up the most resources and time period. Moreover, Windows 10 tells you how much impact each program has on performance and let you disable them by just clicking on them to boost the performance.


Check for Malware and other junk files

Sadly, there are piles of crap in your computer that you don’t know about. Especially when you are running crack programs instead of buying premium license version. You may notice windows defender has warned you when it detected that malware which actually keeps functioning without letting you know. You better start windows defender and scan the PC to remove that malware and keep your PC clean. When it comes to junk file there are loads of them. You can simply remove them by certain programs such as CC cleaner. These pile of junk is actually created and downloaded without your knowledge which includes cookies as well. Cleaning junk files and keeping your PC secure will definitely speed up the computer.  If you rely on Windows Defender for your security then you’ll need to go to the Start Menu>Settings>Update and Security>Windows Defender then in the right-hand panel scroll down until you see Open Windows Defender.


 Use troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a work in execution troubleshooter that can enable you to discover and settle any issues that may be influencing your PC’s speed. To open the troubleshooter, right-tap on the Start catch and snap Control Panel. Under Security and Maintenance at the best, click Troubleshoot basic PC issues. Next, under System and Security, click Run support errands.Moreover, the troubleshooter can be used for any program which is slowing down the computer to solve the performance issues.


Say No to special effects

Microsoft has made Windows 10 quite enticing with numerous animation and personalization options. But these animations and personalization can definitely cut down the performance. Making the Start menu, taskbar, and action center transparent is a great deal in terms of appearance but windows 10 has many other built-in special effects.

To get rid of the special effects and improve the performance just follow these simple steps. Go to ‘This PC’ and by clicking right go to Properties. You will be able to see the System option. Click Advanced system settings to access the System Properties menu. On the Advanced tab beneath performance, Click on Settings. This will open the performance options menu. From the visual outcomes tab, possibly choose to Adjust for best performance to turn off all unnecessary animations and special effects, or choose Custom: and deselect the visual impacts you believe can live without. When you are finished, click on OK to use your changes.


Keep windows up to date – update drivers and apps

Drivers are programs that allow Windows to get hardware components like the video, sound, scanner, printer, webcam, and so on. Updating them is a hassle and you have to identify the components, the drivers and version numbers, the hardware maker’s site and the web page. Faulty drivers, for example, stop Windows shut down or make it start more slowly.Video card drivers are generally refreshed to settle bugs and enhance execution, and it’s constantly prescribed to watch that you have the latest variant.

Regardless of the possibility that Windows redesigns are programmed, visit Windows Update in the Control Panel and physically check for refreshes. Just fundamental ones are introduced naturally and there might be helpful discretionary ones accessible.

Keeping drivers and all other apps up to date will definitely help you to boost the performance. You can simply open the device manager where you will see all the hardware as well as software installed. You can simply right-click on them and update the drivers for individual elements such as the display, mouse pad, graphics etc. you can also use simple tools such as driver booster to install the latest drivers automatically which is quite easy compared to the first step.


Cleaning up the disk space

If you want to go for hardware change solid state drive is the greatest option to increase PC performance. Numerous PCs are overwhelmed with applications, amusements, and another programming. Odds are that you never again utilize a significant number of these and they can be uninstalled to free up plate space.

Your PC’s hard plate dissolves since it tops off and uninstalling applications causes you to free up space giving more space to Windows to work quicker. Circle space can be authorized in an assortment of ways, and we’ve composed a full manual for finding and erasing enormous and copy archives. You will have the capacity to erase documents physically or introduce a utility (we prescribe a couple in that manual) to play out a more profound inquiry and make the employment quicker and more straightforward.

Select only a couple of things and clean them, ensuring the application moves down the progressions. In the event that the PC is working OK, simply ahead and clean a couple of more things, yet in the event that it isn’t, reestablish the reinforcement. Try not to clean everything in 1 go in light of the fact that if something turns out badly you won’t comprehend where the issue is.


Reinstall Windows or Use other operating systems

The ultimate speed-up technique would be to reinstall Windows. A Windows disc is necessary for older versions of Windows, but Windows 8 and 10 have a built-in Refresh option which makes the task easy. In Windows 8 bring up the Charms bar on the perfect side of the screen and click on Settings, change PC settings. Click Update and retrieval, then Recovery. Under Refresh your PC without affecting your own files, click get started. In Windows 10, click the cog icon on the start menu to bring up the new Settings program. Click Update & security, then choose Recovery in the menu on the left. You may select to stay personal files – photos, music and files – and this procedure are certainly worth a try since it is automatic and simple.

A more effective solution is to totally reinstall Windows, but you have to copy files you would like to keep to another drive, such as removable USB drive or a NAS first. You can also use the Linux or other operating systems if you want to boost the performance even more and still keep the windows by operating the PC in the dual boot but that will slow down the PC as well. So we better suggest you use the single operating system with proper installation and updated version.


Upgrading the hardware

Like we mentioned before upgrading the tradition HDD to modern SSD will be the necessary step when it comes to boosting the performance. But that’s not enough. You have other components as well to upgrade such as RAM, processor, graphics cards etc.  Most modern PC requires at least 4GB of DDR4 RAM along with high-end processor.

If you are highly concerned with games we would suggest you upgrade your graphics processor as well such as NVidia or AMD with 8GB or 16GB of DDR4 RAM. These aren’t all. If you don’t want to upgrade hardware to boost PC performance you can simply go for manually build computers for optimum performance. There are many other ways you can speed up your windows PC but tips mentioned above are the ultimate and the most used ones.

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