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The 10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives For Windows


If you want to access your local system files from a remote location anywhere in the world then Remote Desktop connection can help you out. Remote Desktop connection is used at a very large scale because of its functionality & features. Companies are using it in troubleshooting process to recover a system from erroneous state to live state. To troubleshoot small technical problems it is used at a very broad scale.

Best Teamviewer Alternatives For Windows

Teamviewer is one of the best Remote Desktop Connection making software for windows available in the market nowadays. Remote Desktop allows us to communicate with another computer or laptop placed at any location in the world via Internet.

There is numerous benefits and usage of using Remote desktop connection because we don’t need to upload every document in Cloud Storage.

Here we can access or transfer any file from our own computer to any other system from which are accessing. Suppose that you are in a Different city and want to access local files saved on your personal computer.

Due to some hacking issues or hacked problem Teamviewer is ditched at a very fast rate because of security reasons.

So if you want to Remote Desktop Connection then you can use this software which is listed below on your Windows Operating System.

1-    Desktop Now

It is a free remote desktop connection software for windows. It empowers you to use remote pc safely from anywhere in the world. You can also use mobile devices to access a personal computer. The connection made between both the devices is protected with Secure SSL Protocol.

Visit Desktopnow

2-    GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC allows you to access your remote computer from anywhere in the world. All you need an active internet connection. It supports Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and Kindle Fire Operating System. It’s wide of support with OS shows its diverse nature of working.

Visit GotomyPC

3-    Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is very compact in size when it comes to handling a big Remote Desktop Connection Softwares. It is known for its best features. You don’t need to install any Software in your Pc to connect with remote computer.

It provides highest possible security to your connection while transferring data. It is available for free but if you want to access more features then use premium version or Corporate Version.

Visit Ammy admin

4-    ShowMypc

It supports desktop sharing, premium support, meeting support in which you can work with multiple computers at a time. You can use this software like Windows, Mac, Linus.

It’s Free license software is used by many users, but for advanced features paid featured software is also available. Premium plan for 3 computers, Professional for 6 and Business plan for 13 computers and Enterprise for 20 computers.

Visit Showmypc

5-    Remote Desktop Manager

It is a software developed by Devolutions for all-in-one management platform for IT teams. It is very easy to use the software because of its feature of connecting more than one system at a time which ultimately reduces the time and increases productivity.

Remote Desktop Manager is available in two different editions Free and Enterprise. The free edition is perfect for stand-alone users and Enterprise edition is best suited for multiple users, teams, and organizations.

However, Enterprise edition is available as free for 30 days (Free trial). after the completion of the free trial, users can upgrade the software if they like it.

Visit Remotedesktop manager

6-    Zoho Assist

It is very simple and straight forward software to connect Remote Computers anywhere on the globe as long as they are connected to the Internet. It is mainly used to assist customers by the companies while troubleshooting their device remotely.

 Zoho Assist helps you support your remote customers and manage unattended computers. You can deliver seamless remote support to your customers whenever they need it.

Visit Zoho Assist

7-   iSupport

iSupport is developed by Help Desk Software Solutions which is a leading service provider in this industry. It is being used by more than 250000 help desk professionals.

8-    AnyDesk

It enables you to access any remote computer without lags and limits. It is compact in size so that it is easy to use. You can collaborate with your colleagues anytime from anywhere in the world.

9-    Jump Desktop

It provides seamless remote desktop connection to any place in the world with an active internet connection only. It is available for Operating Systems like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can do remote printing and Bluetooth sharing with the help of this software in your remote System.

10-    LogMeIn

I love this software very much because of its diverse nature of work and features. We can access with Multi Monitor Display. You can transfer files, share printers, Audio, Videos or software over this connection. It is fully secured by SSL Layer so you don’t need to worry about the security issue.


All these 10 alternatives of Team viewer are best enough in their features but when it comes to speed and reliability everyone is different than others.

My request is to you that you should use a software which creates Secured Remote connection otherwise your data may be hacked by intruders.

However, Teamviewer itself is best but if it not working properly you can go for other software given above. Thanks for reading and visiting us.

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