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The 5 Best Image Compression Tools for Windows


Looking for Image Compression tools for windows? then read the article further. We have prepared a list of 5 best Image Compression Tools/software for windows pc.

What Is Image Compression & why we Need To Compress Images?

Image compression is the process of minimizing the size of a graphics file without degrading its quality significantly. The quality degrades slightly in comparison to the original file, but the degradation is hardly visible. You would be surprised to know that some image files can be compressed up to 90%. Reducing image file size will help you store more images. You can send the images to your friends or upload them to your web server faster than ever. The following are the 5 best image compression tools for Windows.

The 5 best image compression Tools | Softwares for Windows.

Caesium (Free)

Windows Image Compression Tools

Caesium can compress some of the image files up to 90% without quality degradation. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The first column is for adding images to be compressed, and in the second column, you can set parameters to resize images and set aspect ratio. The last column is where you get the output images. It also provides an option to check old and new image size side by side.

Get Caesium Here


FILEminimizer  (Free) 


FILEminimizer is one of the most popular images compression tools for Windows even though the interface is little outdated. All you have to do is to add the images to the list and click on Optimize Files button to get the compressed image files. You can add suffix and prefix to the name of the compressed files and get them saved in any directory you want.

Get FileMinimizer Here


FileOptimizer (Free)

This is a general file compression tool but it highly effective for image files. The interface is simple, and you can clearly see how much a file is compressed. You can choose the option to replace the original file with compressed file in your folder. You can run the application without installing.

Get FileOptimizer Here


Kraken.io (Paid)

Kraken is undoubtedly the best-paid image compression tool as it is used by the big companies like Microsoft and Nvidia. The compress takes no time, and they said to have the best algorithm for compression.  You can go for a trial and then buy it using any of the following plans.

Visit Kraken.io Here


JPEGmini  (Paid)

It is a lossless image compression tool which can compress your image file up to 80% without any loss of quality. The user interface is very simple, and you can resize images as well. You can drag and drop images on the interface to optimize their size. It is priced at $29, and you can go for a trial before buying.

Visit JPEGmini Here



It is very important to have an image compression tool because images are a significant part of digital life. With the advancement of smartphone cameras and usage of DSLR, the sizes of image files take up a lot of space unnecessarily. An image compression file can solve your storage space problem and is a must for website owners to save web server space.


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