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TOP 10 Expensive Smartphones In The World


Looking for the Most Expensive Smartphones in the world? Curious to know which is the Luxury smartphone in the world? Want to know which is the Costly phone? Then read the article Further. This article will give you information about Expensive Smartphones in the world.

If you think a normal iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note is possibly the Most Expensive Smartphones present in the market, then you are wrong! You read it right. The most luxurious and expensive smartphones of the world aren’t available in the range of 1000 or 1500 dollars, you probably have to shell out a lot more than that to be an owner of one of the beauties listed below.

World’s Most Expensive Smartphones


1) Falcon Supernova iPhone 6

America’s luxury brand ‘Falcon’ has introduced this luxury phone which is made with precious gems and premium materials. There are twenty-four different variants to choose from. The highest-priced model of this phone is priced around a whopping amount of 100 million dollars. This is certainly the most expensive smartphone of all time.


2) Black Diamond iPhone 5

iPhone 5 may be an outdated smartphone by today’s standards but this Black Diamond model of iPhone is still popular in the luxury segment & it is one of the most expensive smartphones in the world. Only few luxury smartphone models are launched every year, and that’s the reason why this phone is still in demand when it comes to the luxury smartphone market. This phone is priced around 15.3 Million US dollars.


3) Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish Le Million is one of those luxury items which were introduced in the prestigious millionaire fair held in September 2006. This smartphone is among the most luxurious smartphones ever made and it was sold for 1 million euros in the Cannes fair. The phone has white gold and diamonds all over it and the best part of this phone is its shine. At the time of its sale, the phone was recorded as the most expensive phone in the Guinness Book of world records. On the technical aspects, this beautifully designed smartphone is technologically advanced. This phone is available for around 1.3 million dollars.


4) Black Diamond VIPN

The Black Diamond VIPN was created over a decade ago but still, the millionaire around the world are ready to pour their money for this phone. This phone was designed by a Singaporean artist Jaren Goh. The designer has designed the phone is such a way that there are two diamonds mounted on it, one in the joystick and the other one on the back panel. If you’re thinking about buying this phone, it will loose your pockets by 300,000 USD.


5) Aston Martin Racing 808

If someone asks you what is Aston Martin, you will probably answer it’s one of the luxury cars manufactures. But only a few people know that they also manufacture luxury smartphones. Yes you heard it right Aston Martin has made some luxurious items other than cars too, and the elegant ‘Racing 808’ phone is one among those. It gains attention due to its slim and unique earpiece, this stylish smartphone comes with a powerful 13MP and 4.7 inches of 720p screen and the phone works on powerful Snapdragon 801. This phone has a 2GB RAM and comes with Android version 5.0 lollipop. Cost of this phone is 24,000 US dollars.


6) Sirin Solarin Crystal

This expensive phone was launched by the London based startup ‘Sirin’ labs known as ‘Solarin’ which is known as the “Rolls Royce of the smartphones” because of its highly secured features and it is also referred as world’s most secure phone. Even the phone calls and messages did from this phone are highly encrypted and it also supports superior Wi-Fi connectivity which offers the transfer rate of 5GB/s, the phone also offers 24 bands of LTE, 128GB internal storage, 4GB RAM and a magnificent 24MP camera. If you’re a tech-geek and also happens to be a millionaire or a billionaire, this will be a perfect phone for you. You can grab this one for around 14000 US dollars.


7) Vertu’s New Signature for Bentley

As the name of this phone defines ‘Vertu’ might have already created a clear picture of the phone in your mind. When it comes to expensive and luxury phones, it is almost impossible to forget Vertu. This was launched by a joint venture of the luxury car-maker ‘Bentley’ and the high-end luxury smartphone makers. The logo of ‘Bentley’ is engraved on the back side of this phone which makes it look classy and of the best choices for the car lovers. This phone comes with Bentley’s inbuilt app which let the users access its content and events. The phone is having an internal storage of 64GB and it is powered with 4GB RAM which is more than sufficient by today’s standards. Its 21MP rear camera which is capable of capturing 4K videos makes this phone a complete package for 14000 US dollars.


8) Gresso Regal Gold

This is certainly a phone for the people who loves gold. The panel of the phone is made with white and yellow gold. This phone is customizable and looks very attractive showing all the richness it possesses. This phone has a 2GB RAM, internal storage of 32GB, impressive 13 Megapixel rear snapper and a 5 Megapixel front camera. This 5 inched phone is only 8.8mm thick, which makes it very sleeker. The phone is handcrafted on a single plate titanium which gains the attention. The cost of the phone is around 6,000USD which is a cheap bargain to show your status symbol.


9) Tonino Lamborghini’s ’88 Tauri’

This smartphone was created by the luxury products maker Tonino Lamborghini, one of the famous names among the finest luxury product designers. At the cost of 5500USD, this phone has succeeded in impressing the people who love luxurious phones and are slightly on the tighter budget in the luxury segment. Although, luxury is never cheaper. But this phone is among the most economical luxury phones available.

This masterpiece comes with a scratch-proof screen which is also shatterproof and lets us tell you a fact, the screen of the phone is made with same glass which is used in Lamborghini cars and this fact alone is more than enough to buy this prestigious smartphone.

The phone has a mighty 20MP rear camera and a decent 8MP front camera. With 3GB of RAM, ’88 Tauri’ is smooth enough to handle most of the applications and has set high standards when it comes to performance. It works on a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor and 5.0 inch of the display makes it one of the compact, stylish and powerful luxurious smartphones to fit inside your pocket.


10) Dior Reveries Haute couture

This is one the respected luxury smartphone model, it was launched in 2012 and it was priced at a massive 102,122 USD. It is not hard to believe about its skyrocketing price because the case of this masterpiece has mounted more than 1500 diamonds and 46 mothers of pearls on it which makes it worthy of its cost. The features and the specifications of this phone might be average but these luxury phones are not known for their features but for their classiness, the phone has justified its cost with its prettiness. Get this phone if you prefer class over anything else.


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  1. miracle ofoma says

    wow… with the money of this phones one can build or buy a duplex in a big city. Even if i have the money am not going for it….yes you heard me well.
    Nice phones but too expenses.

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