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Top 10 Uses Of USB OTG Cable With Smartphones


OTG (On-The-Go) is the most used term among android users which is used to connect external USB devices.

You may already know some Basic uses of OTG cable on Android / Smartphone Devices. OTG Cables are largely used to by many users around the world to connect Keyboards, Mouse & Pendrives with smartphones. But still there are some uses you may don’t know. So here is the list of Top uses of OTG Cable with Smartphones.

Connect USB Keyboard to Smartphones

Typing long paragraphs in smartphones using builtin keypads is quite difficult thing to do. No matter how big your smartphone screen is, it is still difficult to type long text with smartphone’s type-pad. In such cases you can connect USB keyboard to smartphones using OTG cable for fast typing.

Connect USB Mouse to Smartphones

Connecting USB Mouse to smartphone is  very easy using OTG cable. You cannot use mouse along with smartphone always in daily routine. But In some cases using mouse with smartphones may help you. If your touch pad is not working or screen is broken & you are unable to use the phones then OTG cable is there for you.


Connect External Hard disk Drives to smartphones

As Keyboard & Mouse, you can even connect External USB hard disk drives to Smartphones with the help of OTG cable.


Connect Pen-drive to Smartphones

Pen-drives are largely used to store documents. connecting Pen-drive to smartphones is easy with the help of OTG cable. If you have a OTG cable with you, then there is no need of PC or LAPTOP. You can connect Pen-drives to your phone & access your files OR store large documents easily.

Connect Memory Card reader

Another use of OTG cable that you may already know is you can connect USB Card readers & access additional Memory cards whenever you want.


Connect with Another Smartphone to Share the charge

OTG cable will help you to share the charge between two phones. Yes you heard it right. You can charge your phone using another smartphone. But here all you need is Data cable & OTG cable. Simply connect data cable to the phone that you want to charge & connect it to OTG cable & then you may connect OTG cable to another smartphone. that’s it. Your phone will start to charge immediately.


Additional uses of OTG Cables with smartphones

Connect USB fan  to Smartphone

Connect USB light to Smartphone


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