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FREELANCER: Freelancer is an employee to his own business who gets his work from different clients. Here client works as an employer who gives different projects to freelancer to meet their goal. Freelancer can work according to his ability & time.

Freelancer can earn good amount working with freelancing sites. For beginners it’s a bit difficult to earn huge amounts. But they must have patience & work efficiency in order to earn good amount. Here you can get jobs from 1$ to 100$ / jobs depending upon the type & length of jobs & also depends on client who he is working with.  The best thing to work with freelancing sites is you will get full control over pricing.
In simple word, if people are looking to earn money online by doing the works which best suits to them, then they can search work in freelance sites.  freelance sites will provide work on different type of skills. following are some of the top skills.  

·  Android App Developers
·  C# Developers
·  Content Writers
·  Copywriters
·  Customer Service Representatives
·  Data Entry Specialists
·  Email Marketing Consultants
·  Excel Experts
·  Facebook Marketers
·  Graphic Designers
·  iOS Developers
·  JavaScript Developers
·  jQuery Developers
·  Mobile App Developers
·  Objective-C Developers
·  PHP Developers
·  Sales Consultants
·  SEO Experts
·  Social Media Consultants
·  Swift Developers
·  Technical Writers
·  UI Designers
·  UX Designers
·  Virtual Assistants
·  Web Designers
·  WordPress Developers
·  Writers

     Things to remember

    • Only register if you really want to work online.
    •  Seriousness in your work.
    • Choose the work which suits your skill. 
    • Work with small projects if you are a beginner.
    • Maintain good profile rating to impress more clients.




     Upwork was formarly called as Odesk. In 2015 the company changed the name to Upwork. Upwork is a global freelancing platform. Peoples from around the world can join this Website & they can connect with clients from around the globe.
          This is one of the good & oldest site among freelancing job sites. Freelance membrs can choose their desired work & they can bid for the work with other freelancers. If your bid is good then you may get the work.

           Upwork is one of the best & trusted freelancing site to start freelancing career because this site has over 1.5 million clients & has the ability to provide more different types of projects. Upwork provide around $1 Billion+ worth of work annually & has 2,700+ skills. 


         2. ELANCE.COM

Elance is the world’s leading site for providing online work. Elance is also one of the legit freelance sites. In 2014 Elance merged with Odesk. Currently Odest is operating in the name of Upwork. So Elance is currently an Upwork company. 
Elance is a great platform for the companies & Individuals   to hire employees. If anybody wants to work Online, then Elance is a great place to find desired work. 

          3. FREELANCER.COM

Freelancer.com is an online global crowd sourcing market place which was started in the year 2009. Freelancer.com has millions of employers who are eager to post their jobs & Freelancers can bid to complete the task. So it is easy to find work in Freelancer.com. Freelancer.com offers more than 600 different categories of jobs. 

Freelancers can attract more Employers, by competing in different contest with other freelancers. 



           4. FIVERR.COM

    Fiverr (Slogan-Browse Buy Done) is the world’s largest market place for providing Digital Services & Tasks. Fiverr was founded in the year 2009 & launched in the year 2010. 

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace to find freelancing works. Fiverr offers online outsourcing works for thousands of freelancers. If you are a client then you can hire freelancers starting at just 5$ per performed job. 
Fiverr is largely used by freelancers to offer their service for customers worldwide. As mentioned above, the minimum gig amount performed per job is 5$. It doesn’t mean the all the tasks are available for 5$. If the project is big, then the gig amount per performed job may be higher. 
Members can sell their gigs (amount) to customers who are looking to buy the gigs to complete their work. In simple words, Fiverr works in the concept of Buying & selling of gigs. Thousands of freelancers are earning good amount using fiverr network. 


                 5. CONSTANT-CONTENT.COM 

       Constant content is the best place for freelancers who are
good at article writing. If you are passionate content writer & has the capacity of writing quality articles, then Constant content is the best place to sell your articles.

    Constant-Content is always looking to buy articles with quality contents. Freelancers, who are desired to submit their articles, must not do grammatical errors in their article. 

     Write a quality articles & then submit your articles to constant – content & check before submitting. You need to wait until any editor accepts or rejects your article. This may take some time like, three days or may be a week. But you can submit another or more article in the
waiting time. 


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