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Top Ten Mobile App Development Tools In 2019


The global market of mobile apps is growing rapidly and so is the competition among mobile app development companies in the app industry. There are many mobile app development tools so choosing the most appropriate tool and development strategy is vital in this competitive phase. This article provides details of the ten best mobile app development tools used in 2019.



Xamarin is the most popular mobile app development tool for building cross-platform mobile apps. It allows mobile app developers to work with native IDEs or APIs. This tool facilitates reusing business logic layers and allows developers to examine the quality and testing of app functionality on different devices which results in more reliable and robust applications.

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Adobe PhoneGap is a resourceful open-source app development tool used for developing hybrid apps. in HTML5, CSS3, and JS. The tool offers the finest interaction with native device elements like camera, GPS, and sound, etc. Its flexibility lets developers to quickly develop high-quality apps with minimum effort. You can also add more functionality to the app with additional plugins.

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Android Studio

Android Studio is the most popular Android app development tool which has incredible resources and key features like gradle-based build support, template-based wizards to build standard Android designs and components, etc. Android Studio supports all released Java versions and is equipped with the necessary user-friendly settings required to make high-quality Android apps.

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NativeScript is a top open-source app development tool used for the development of hybrid apps. Developers can create mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms using Angular, JS, or TypeScript along with NativeScript. This tool supports several plugins to extend the app functionality and is handy to use for experienced mobile app developers.

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This is a popular cross-platform app development open-source tool written in the Dart language and introduced by Google. Flutter uses a 2D rendering engine called Skia to create visuals. This tool offers a set of customizable widgets to quickly build native interfaces. It is very simple to test your project in Flutter.

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Corona SDK

Corona SDK is free and facilitates much faster mobile app development as compared to other mobile app development tools. It is supported by a light-weight programming language called Lua with the help of which developers can easily develop apps. The apps are automatically compiled at build time with Corona and you can quickly code to develop a high-quality app.

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Intel XDK

Image Source : Softonic

Intel XDK is a cross-platform mobile app development tool free to download and use. It allows developers to easily build and test the app. The developers can also preview the project live simultaneously with making any changes. This development environment suits for building Smartphone and Tablet Apps using HTML5 and JS.

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JQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is used for faster mobile app development along with plugins for any extended functionality. The best part is that its single code version can run on all devices and this framework can be used to create mobile apps as well as web apps that are supported on all Smartphones, tablets, and desktop platforms.

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Xcode is the best tool for iPhone app development and comes with an editor which is used to write flawless code while highlighting the syntax as well. Xcode allows developers to design and test the user interface of the app and its graphic debugger can be used to get more refined results. It comes with enhanced features which are very useful for iPhone app developers.

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Ionic is an open source HTML5 mobile app development SDK and is often used to develop hybrid apps. The various CSS and JavaScript components of Ionic are used for developing mobile apps. The mobile apps developed using Ionic and then distributed through native app stores are installed on devices by using Capacitor or Cordova.

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